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‘Virtual Global Vaccine Summit 2020’ addressed by the Prime Minister Modi 

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virtual Global Vaccine SummitThe virtual Global Vaccine Summit 2020 was hosted by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson from London in which business leaders, UN agencies, civil society, government ministers, Heads of State and country leaders participated from over 50 ​countries.Global Vaccine Summit organised by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (Gavi).

  • The PM of India addressed the session stating that in these challenging times India is in solidarity with the world, considering the world as one family and living up to the teaching of its civilization during the pandemic crisis.  

Why the Global Summit?

To gather leaders from all around the world to build global health security and prevent further outbreak crisis.


i.COVID-19 has for the first time in recent history made the humankind face a common enemy which has exposed the limitations of global cooperation. 

ii.India by forging a common response strategy, while also protecting its population provided support to countries who sought its help and shared its medicine stocks with over 120 countries. 

iii.India has contributed to about 60% immunization to the children around the world, being one of the world’s (4th largest) foremost producer of vaccines.

Note: As the population of India is large compared to the health facilities it has, immunization is of utmost importance.

Primary Initiatives (India)

i.Mission Indradhanush- One of the first programs to be launched by the govt. Aiming to ensure full vaccination even in the remote parts of the nation for the country’s children and pregnant women.

ii.Six new vaccines have been added into the National Immunization Program.

iii.Digitized vaccine supply: Development of an electronic vaccine intelligence network to monitor the integrity of its cold chain.

Note: These innovations ensure the availability of potential vaccines in the right time and appropriate quantities safely till the pandemic crisis is over. 

International vaccine alliance; GAVI : India pledges 15 million USD

i.India has pledged to support 15 million USD to GAVI during the Virtual Summit.

ii.AstraZeneca, a British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company agreed its licensing deal with the Serum Institute of India to produce the one billion doses of Oxford University’s Covid 19 vaccine.

iii.Meanwhile other countries were pledged their contribution such as US – $ 1.16 billion, UK world’s leading donor to Gavi, pledging £1.65 billion over next five years, Saudi Arabia -$150 million, China  – $20 million , European Commission – €300 million, Japan-  $300 million,Australia – 300million Australian dollars.

Why the initiative?

*GAVI would address the immediate needs that are triggered by the pandemic, including providing essential medical supplies at lower prices and help in increasing the testing and surveillance of the disease.

About GAVI:
GAVI was encouraged since its inception in 2000 started with an aim to the manufacturing of low cost vaccine for the poor countries, in return of high volume and long-term demand.
CEO; Vaccine Alliance– Seth Berkley