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Uttarakhand gets India’s first earthquake early warning system

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  • Uttarakhad to be the first state in India to get earthquake early warning system
  • Uttarakhad belongs to seismic zone V i.e. High-Risk Seismic Zone.
  • It has been predicted that this area might get 8 or more magnitude of earthquake in future.

 Earthquake early warning system:-

  • The system has been made by Space Dynamics, an Italian firm.
  • All the system (sensor) that warn earthquakes normally detect P and S waves generated during an earthquake.
  • Usually the P wave is harmless and travels faster than the S wave,
  • The sensors for advance warning detects S wave generated during earth quake and warn before 1-40 seconds before earthquakes of magnitude , says Piyoosh Rautela, executive director of the State Disaster Mitigation and Management Centre.
  • This system has already been used worldwide countries like Japan, Italy and U.S.