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Raising goverment tobacco taxes can have control over tobacco Epidemic:WHO

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WHO (World Health Organization):-

  • WHO has released the Global Tobacco Epidemic 2015 Report.
  • There has been a steady progress on global Tobacco control in 10years time since the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHOFCTC) came into force.
  • So called MPOWER was introduced to assist WHOFCTC for having control over tobacco over the countries.


  • It is Strategies to support the implementation WHOFCTC.
  • It stands for –

         Monitor-Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies
         Protect -Protect people from tobacco smoke
         Offer- Offer to help to quit tobacco use
         Warn -Warn about the dangers of tobacco
         Enforce-Enforce bans on tobacco advertising, promotion
         Raising- raising tobacco taxes

  • Today half of world’s country have at least implemented one of the measures of MPOWER.
  • R measure in MPOWER i.e. raising tobacco taxes is the main area of attention of WHO Global Tobacco Epidemic 2015 Report.
  • Raising taxes is the most cost effective and most effective way to reduce the consumption of tobacco.
  • Almost 80% of countries have not implemented the R measure so far.
  • WHOFCTC has made specific commitments and strong control policies as per people’s health is concerned.