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Union Government released Seismic Microzonation reports for Delhi and Kolkata

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Seismic Microzonation reports for Delhi and Kolkata has been released by Union Minister for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences Dr. Harsh Vardhan in New Delhi.

  • In order to minimize the damage of natural calamities like earthquake, microzonation is a measure where the emphasis on the impact of earthquake on the habitat is given.

Union Government released Seismic Microzonation reports for Delhi and KolkataWhat is Seismic Microzonation?
It is defined as the process of subdividing a potential seismic or earthquake prone area into zones with respect to geological, seismological, hydrological and geotechnical site characteristics. These would help in designing of safe structures to reduce loss of human life:

  • Proper assessment of Seismic Hazard
  • Implementation of safe building construction codes
  • Adopting appropriate land use planning

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) classified the entire country into 4 major groups from Zone-V (High intensity) to Zone-II (Low intensity).

  • National Capital Territory (NCT) Delhi is located in Seismic zone IV of the macro seismic zoning map of the country.
  • earthquake vulnerability of Kolkata placed at the border of Seismic Zone III and IV

Reports regarding Delhi and Kolkata

  • The Earthquake Risk Evaluation Center (under the IMD) who has merged with National Centre for Seismology, Ministry of Earth Sciences, undertook the microzonation of the NCT Delhi and generated an integrated seismic hazard map of Delhi.
  • The Seismic Microzonation project for Kolkata was conceived by Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in consortium with a few other organizations in Kolkata under the aegis of the Geosciences Division, Ministry of Earth Sciences with full financial support from the Ministry.