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TVS Group, IIT-M develop automated respiratory assist device “Sundaram Ventago”

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TVS Group, IIT-M develop respiratory device Sundaram VentagoOn May 12, 2020, The TVS (Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram) group, the Sundaram Medical Foundation, IIT (Indian Institute of Technology)- Madras, have jointly developed a low-cost, automated respiratory assistance device called “Sundaram Ventago” that will be useful in remote and rural areas where ventilator facilities are not available and would have a great impact of post COVID-19.

Key Points:

i.About Sundaram Ventago: It provides breathing support to patients through controlled and automated squeezing of a self-inflating or Ambu bag.

ii.The respiratory assistance device includes functionalities to control respiratory rate (breaths per minute), tidal volume, pressure parameters and I:E (Inspiratory: Expiratory) ratios.

iii.The device works with or without compressed/ hospital air and oxygen and requires only a standard power connection to operate (easy to use in non-ICU wards, ambulances, remote/rural areas).

iv.It can also be used in conjunction with a standard UPS (uninterruptible power supply) or can be mounted on a crash cart, wheelchair, bed, in an ambulance to support patient mobility.

v.The device has been designed according to internationally accepted medical standards in collaboration with the Madras Medical College (MMC), Kauvery Hospital and with guidance from MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)-Boston.

vi.The first batch comprising 25 pieces of device was currently under production at TVS Group firm Brakes India at Padi, Chennai. User training and support will be provided through a dedicated mobile app.

vii.Brakes India deputy managing director Sriram Viji also mentioned that Sundaram Ventago is a ”Make in India” product with a local supply chain, based on proven technology.

viii.Kauvery Hospitals Executive Director S Aravindan added that the country was importing more than 80 per cent of medical devices and the cost effective ventilators like this manufactured in India will significantly bring down the cost.

ix.IIT Madras Electrical Engineering faculty Jayaraj Joseph mentioned that the respiratory device offers greater precision than manual pumping, even with 24 plus hours of continuous use. The device is versatile and mobile.

About TVS Groups:
Headquarters– Chennai, Tamil Nadu (TN).
Chairman & Managing Director (MD)– Venu Srinivasan.
Director & CEO (Chief Executive Officer)– K N Radhakrishnan.