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Tips and Tricks for Vocabulary Section

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Hello, friends ! As many of your are already aware of the importance of vocabulary section in various exams, for those, who still haven’t geared up their preparation levels for this particular section are kindly requested to do so.

  • What do we mean by having a good vocabulary ?
    See, Here we mainly deal with the words from English Language, Since its a foreign language for all of us, a little EFFORTS to master a great number of words is definitely required.
    Efforts mean ?
    Do we need to cram all those words ?
    Do we need to just pick up a dictionary, and then start memorise those words ?
    Do we need to read as much English material as possible ?
    Or something else ?


  • Where the difference lies ?What are the things people do, who have got a tremendous confidence having an excellent command over their vocabulary ?
    Or What mistakes people make when they say their vocabulary is just as good as a 5 yr old kid ?In which group you belong to ?
  • Word of WisdomThe fact that, Good vocabulary comes with a great amount of perseverance, years of constant exposure with thousands of words, Good Reading habits, and ofcourse your curiosity ! Yes, you read that right ! If your are not even interested to know about the new words, then you can never have a vocabulary, you always dream of.So, What to do now ? Yeah, Years have passed! Neither you possessed good reading habits in your entire lifetime (before reading this post), nor were you curious enough!Does that mean, you can never learn new words?

    Ofcourse, not !

    But that takes little extra Efforts ! Again, What kind of efforts do we talk about ?

  • See, To understand this, We have different categories of people based on their Vocabulary levels.And then on the basis of their levels, their preparation strategy is being talked about
  • KidsPlease Do not imagine ‘Real Kids’ here! Kids, I mean people who have just woke up from their deep sleep, and realised that Vocabulary Improvement is inevitable for a good score in any exam.
    They have a disaster vocabulary. They are unaware even of simplest of the words we can find.
    For them, given many exams already been announced, they should do the following :
    1.Learn 20 new words daily. Practice Synonyms and Antonyms Exercises from some good book.
    2.Keep recalling learnt words in your free time.
    3.Try to use new words while you chat on Watsapp, Facebook, even if it seems weird in first instance(I am not kidding, here).
    3.Try to use new words in your Oral conversations as well. LEARNING IS REPEATING.
    4.And last, Practise as many sample papers you can, Because having good vocabulary increases your Reading Comprehension Speed. And Bad vocabulary forces you to practise more as your speed is bad ! :) Dont get confused, just learn and practise.
  • DudesDudes, In this category, people tend to boast off their vocabulary skills while talking, writing but are not aware of the various nuances of Vocabulary. NO doubt, Their vocabulary is definitely better than ‘Kids’ mentioned above, but they they do not take any pains adding new words. They seem complacent with their knowledge.And Complacency is fatal in Competition. To improve their Vocabulary, they should do the following :
    1.Learning new words is the vital step, they cant afford to miss. Though their speed can be faster, they can learn, say 40 words per day.
    2.Practice Synonyms and Antonyms.
    3.And Yeah, Try to read little academically hard material, from various journals around the world. You can easily find them on
    4.Reading religiously surely helps anyone to acquire better vocabulary.
  • UnclesHere,i guess, Most of you will find your reflections.
    These people are from good academic backgrounds, They are Engineers, Medicos, MBAs. May be toppers from their respective fields.
    Their vocabulary is good, but mostly confined to their academic field. They may find difficulty answering the difference between ‘Continual’ and ‘Continuous’. But still seem content with their condition, because they never get challenged in this Vocabulary field alone.
    In exams too, they tend to score satisfactorily, as they compensate in other sections. But if given a single paper on Vocabulary alone, many of them won’t go beyond 50%.
    Things they should do :
    1.First of all, Try to attempt few sectional Exams in English only. That may helps you to come out of your dreamy worls of ‘Know it all’.
    2.Practice is the key for you, too.
    3.Reading Scholary journals is also a good source of improving your vocabulary.

Without getting too much in boring details, I end up here.

Happy Learning New Words :)