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English Questions: Vocabulary set – 8

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are provding some difficult words from Editorials, which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams.

1. tumultuous – unquiet,  अशान्त

Meaning – making an uproar or loud, confused noise.

Usage – a tumultuous crowd.

synonyms – loud, deafening, thunderous, thundering, ear-shattering, ear-splitting, ear-piercing, uproarious, noisy, clamorous, vociferous etc.

2. grapple – deal, सामना

Meaning – engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons; wrestle.

Usage – an instrument for seizing hold of something; a grappling hook.

synonyms – wrestle, struggle, tussle etc.

3. unenviable – difficult, कठिन

Meaning – difficult, undesirable, or unpleasant

Usage – an unenviable reputation for drunkenness.

synonyms – disagreeable, unpleasant, undesirable, difficult, nasty, horrible, painful, thankless.

4. debilitated – weak, कमज़ोर

Meaning – make (someone) very weak and infirm.

Usage – he was severely debilitated by a stomach upset.

synonyms – weakening, enfeebling, enervating, enervative, devitalizing, draining, sapping, wearing, exhausting, tiring; impairing, crippling etc.

5. dilemma – uncertainty, दुविधा

Meaning – a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives, especially ones that are equally undesirable.

Usage – he wants to make money, but he also disapproves of it: Den’s dilemma in a nutshell”

synonyms – quandary, predicament, difficulty, problem, puzzle, conundrum, awkward situation, tricky situation, difficult situation, difficult choice etc.

6. tantrum – bad tamper, चिड़चिड़ापन

Meaning – an uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a young child.

Usage – he has temper tantrums if he can’t get his own way”.

synonyms – fit, outburst, flare-up, blow-up, pet, paroxysm, frenzy, bad mood, mood, huff, scene.

7. intransigently – stubbornly, अटलता

Meaning – unwilling or refusing to change one’s views or to agree about something.

Usage – her father had tried persuasion, but she was intransigent”.

synonyms – uncompromising, inflexible, unbending, unyielding, unshakeable, unwavering, resolute, unpersuadable, unmalleable, unaccommodating, uncooperative, stubborn.

8. yields – return , पैदावार

Meaning – produce or provide (a natural, agricultural, or industrial product).

Usage – “the land yields grapes and tobacco”.

synonyms – surrender, capitulate, submit, relent, admit defeat, accept defeat, concede defeat, back down, climb down, quit, give in, give up the struggle.

9. fragile – breakable, भंगुर

Meaning – (of an object) easily broken or damaged.

Usage – “fragile items such as glass and china”

synonyms – breakable, easily broken, brittle, frangible, smashable, splintery, flimsy, weak, frail, insubstantial, delicate, dainty etc.

10. unpalatable – unpleasant, अरुचिकर

Meaning – not pleasant to taste.

Usage – “scraps of unpalatable food”.

synonyms – disagreeable, unpleasant, displeasing, unattractive, regrettable, unwelcome, upsetting, distressing, lamentable, repugnant, nasty, horrible, dreadful etc.