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Tamil Nadu and UP tops the list in Urban and Rural Internet connectivity Index list respectively

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While analyzing the telecom connectivity spread across the urban areas of the nation, it is found that Tamil Nadu tops the report with around 21 million urban internet subscribers, which is about 9% of the total 231 million urban internet subscriber of India.

Urban Internet Subscribers List:-

As a part of digitalizing India and BharatNet, the internet users increase rapidly both in rural and urban areas of our country. This increasing rate shows that India’s connectivity is getting rationalized and modernized under several criteria. The top five list as on March 2016 as follows:-

StateNo. of users in Million
Tamil Nadu21

Rural Internet Connectivity:-

On the other hand the rural internet connectivity is also on a gliding face reaching about 112 million rural users in India, which is about one-third of the total Indian internet connectivity of 342 million.The top lists of the rural internet connectivity  are:-

♦ Andhra Pradesh with 9 million users.
♦ Maharashtra with 9.7 million users.
♦ UP with 11.2 million users.

  • The three phased erection of the challenging BharatNet project has led to such a development in the rural internet connectivity and also accounts for the urban areas too.
  • This project involves the process of establishing a massive network infrastructure by connecting all 2.5 lakh gram panchayats through optical fiber, providing broadband connectivity by all categories of service providers.
  • In the first phase, one lakh gram panchayats will be connected by March 2017
  • In the second phase, 1.5 lakh panchayats by December 2018.
  • In the third phase involving a future-proof network involving fibre between districts and blocks by 2023