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Coast Guard decommissions ICGS Varad after 27 years

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On April 28, 2017, Indian Coast Guard ship, ICGS Varad, the eight in the Vikram-class offshore patrol vessel, was decommissioned at Chennai Port. ICGS Varad was in service for 27 years.

About ICGS Varad:

ICGS Varad was built by Goa Shipyard Ltd. Its Construction work was launched on September 2, 1989.

  • It was formally commissioned on July 19, 1990 by the then Governor of Goa, Khurshid Alam Khan.
  • Name ‘Varad’ has been derived from a Sanskrit phrase ‘Sahayadri Varad Hast’, which means ‘granting wishes’.
  • The ship was identified with pennant number 40 and international call sign ‘VTMP’.

Decommissioning Ceremony of ICGS Varad:

Decommissioning ceremony was presided over by Coast Guard Commander (East) Rajan Bargotra. In the ceremonial address, Mr. Bagotra highlighted the contributions of ICGS Varad and also mentioned about the operations in which it participated during its 27 years of service.

  • Previous commanding officers and crew of ICGS Varad were also present at the Coast Guard decommissions ICGS Varad after 27 yearsdecommissioning ceremony.
  • As a part of decommissioning ceremony, a guard of honour was conducted and the Coast Guard ensign was hauled down from the ship.
  • The Commanding Officer of the ship, Commandant Anwar Khan, commanded the ceremonial parade and presented the final decommissioning report to the Mr. Bagotra.

About Vikram-class Offshore Patrol Vessel:

Vikram-class offshore patrol vesselsare series of nine watercrafts. Seven of these have been built by Mazgaon Dock Ltd. and two have been built by Goa Shipyard Ltd.

  • Dimension: All vessels in this class are 243 ft long with a beam of 37 ft.
  • Ammunition: CRN 91 Naval Gun or Mantra Defense Lynx optronic-directed 40mm 60 cal Bofors Mk3 AA gun or dual 30mm.
  • Engines: Two SEMT-Pielstick 16 PA6 V280 diesel engines driving two propellers.
  • Equipments: pollution control equipment, twofire fighting monitors, a four-tonne crane, diving equipment and a hangar for a light helicopter.
  • Vikram-class vessels generally have 11 officers and 85 enlisted sailors on board.
  • Other Vikram-class offshore patrol vessels besides ICGS Varad are: ICGS Vikram, ICGS Vijaya, ICGS Veera, ICGS Varuna, ICGS Vajra, ICGS Vivek, ICGS Vigraha and IVGS Varaha.