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Static GK Quiz for upcoming Exams – Set 52

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Hi aspirants

Welcome to Online Static GK section in Affairs cloud, which is important for SBI/IBPS/RBI Exam and other exams. We have included both general GK and static questions from recent Current Affairs 2017!!!

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Static GK questions from Current Affairs

  1. What is Gudi Padwa?
    Answer – Traditional new year for Marathi Hindus

  2. Name the capital and currency of Belarus.
    Answer – Minsk and Belarusian ruble

  3. Who is the president of Poland?
    Answer – Andrzej Duda

  4. Where are Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project located?
    Answer – Maharashtra

  5. Name the headquarters and Director-General of World Health Organization(WHO).
    Answer – Geneva, Switzerland and Tedros Adhanom

  6. Whose autobiography is ‘Playing It My Way’?
    Answer – Sachin Tendulkar

  7. Where is headquarter of International Union of Students?
    Answer – Czech Republic

  8. Chakravarthi AVPS is the first Asian to be appointed as ambassador of WPO.Expand P in WPO.
    Answer – World Packaging Organisation

  9. What is Moody’s Investors Service?
    Answer – bond credit rating business (i.e) international financial research on bonds issued by commercial and government entities.

  10. Which country has launched world’s first quantum communication satellite?
    Answer – China

  11. Expand WRI.
    Answer – World Risk Index

  12. World Diabetes Days is observed on ____________ and what was its theme of the year 2017?
    Answer – November 14th and ‘Women and diabetes – our right to a healthy future’.

  13. Who is current chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes(CBDT)?
    Answer – Sushil Chandra

  14. C in CEZ ?
    Answer – Coastal Economic Zone

  15. Where is JawaharSagar Dam located?
    Answer – Chambal , Rajasthan