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SNBNCBS develops Nanomedicine to alter oxidative stress to treat COVID-19

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On 30 th April 2020, The Scientists of S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences (SNBNCBS), Kolkata developed a nanomedicine, safe and cost-effective, to treat many diseases by altering oxidative stress in the body and the research will support the combat against the COVID-19 in India.SNBNCBS develops NanomedicineKey Points:

i.The medicine combines nanoparticles extracted from magnesium salt with citrus extract from citrus fruits like lemon. The nanomedicine is produced by combining the manganese and citrate with the tricks of nanotechnology.

ii.TheNanomedicine helps to decrease or increase reactive oxygen species(ROS) in the human body based on the situation and cure the disease. The immune system of humans produces ROS or generative oxidative stress to kill foreign bodies like viruses, bacterias and infected cells.

iii.The research has the ability for controlled enhancement of ROS in mammals through the application of nanomedicine in controlling virus infections, like COVID-19.

iv.The Reduction and Oxidation Process (Redox) on the Animal trial for healing of several diseases is completed. The clinical trials on humans will begin after the institute finds sponsors for the research.

v.The usage of Hydrogen peroxide is advised to inactivate the COVID-19 whose direct application can cause direct oxidation of normal body cells, replacing the hydrogen peroxide with the nanomedicine will be beneficial.

vi.In October 2019, the review titled “ Role of Nanomedicine in Redox Medicated Healing at Molecular level” was published in the journal Bimolecular concepts containing all the developments and concepts drawn the attention of the international experts.

vii.The developed nanomedicine in balancing oxidative stress(ROS) in mice was tested by injecting Lead(Pb) ions to create higher oxidative stress and liver damage and found that the nanomedicine reduces the risks due to lead exposure and helps in removing toxins ions from the liver and preventing the organ damage.

Director– Samit Kumar Ray
Dean– BiswajitChakraborty
Established in– 1986
Location– Kolkata