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Small Banks & Payment Banks

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objective : To furture finanacial inclusion by mobilising savings, offering loans to small bussinesses, lend to served and unserved small farmers and marginal farmers and samll industries ,micro and small industries and unorganised sector through high techonology and low cost operations

who can set up small banks ?

  • Resident individuals/professional with 10 years of work experience in banking & finance
  • NBFCs
  • MFIs
  • LABs

Capital requirment ?

The minimum paid up equity capital shall be 100 crores
*equity capital means equity of a company as divided among individual shareholders of common .. i.e shares or funds of stock holders

operations –>

  • limited area operations
  • banking products

Promoters contribution …

  • Promoters to bring 40% of intial capital.
  • They can reduce the stake to 26% after 12 years of operations

Foreign shareholding   It would be as per the FDI They can lower policy for private sector

Prudential norm

  • As applicable to existing commercial banks. No forbearance would be provided for complying with the statutory provisions.
  • Need to extend 75% of its Adjusted Net Bank Credit to the sectors eligible for classification as priority sector lending
  • At least 50% of its loan portfolio should constitute loans and advances of upto 325 lakh

Small Banks

Names of the applicants for Small Finance Banks

  1. Aamcol Trexim Pvt. Ltd & Mackmorn Commodities Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata
  2. Apex Abishek Finance Limited, Coimbatore
  3. Ashika Global Securities Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata
  4. Asomi Finance Private Limited, Guwahati
  5. Au Financiers (India) Limited, Jaipur
  6. Bhartiya Samruddhi Investments and Consulting Services Ltd., New Delhi
  7. BRD Securities Ltd., Thrissur
  8. Bretton Woods Exim Private Limited, New Delhi
  9. Calance Software Private Limited, New Delhi
  10. Capital Local Area Bank Ltd., Jalandhar
  11. Capital Trust Limited, New Delhi
  12. Chaitanya India Fin Credit Private Limited, Bengaluru
  13. Coastal Local Area Bank Ltd., Vijayawada
  14. Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited, Mumbai
  15. Disha Microfin Private Limited, Ahmedabad
  16. K. Cherian Varghese, Kochi
  17. Shubhro Sen, New Delhi
  18. Electronica Finance Limited, Pune
  19. Elite Green Private Limited, Ahmedabad
  20. Equitas Holding P Ltd., Chennai
  21. ESAF Microfinance and Investments Private Limited, Chennai
  22. Grama Vidiyal Micro Finance Limited, Tiruchirapalli
  23. Home First Finance Company India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
  24. Idhayam – G Finance and Investment Services Limited, Virudhunagar
  25. IIFL Holdings Limited, Thane
  26. Indigo Fincap Private Limited, Nawanshahar
  27. IntelleCash Microfinance Network Company Private Limited, New Delhi
  28. Inventure Finance Private Limited, Mumbai
  29. Ishan Developers & Infrastructure Ltd., Chandigarh
  30. Jagaran Microfin Private Limited, Kolkata
  31. Jainco Projects (India) Limited, Kolkata
  32. Janalakshmi Financial Services Private Limited, Bengaluru
  33. Kerala Permanent Benefit Fund Ltd., Aluva
  34. Kosamattam Finance Limited, Kottayam
  35. Kotalipara Development Society, 24 Parganas North
  36. Light Microfinance Private Ltd., New Delhi
  37. Lulu Forex Private Ltd., Kochi
  38. Mahanadhi Finance Limited, Erode
  39. Mangal Keshav Capital Limited, Mumbai
  40. Microsec Resources Private Limited, Kolkata
  41. Rajni Aneja, New Delhi
  42. Pareka Investment Private Limited, Kolkata
  43. Professional Management &Advisory Services (P) Ltd., Delhi
  44. Proficient Leasing & Finance Ltd., Allahabad
  45. Repco Micro Finance Ltd., Chennai
  46. RGVN (North East) Microfinance Limited, Guwahati
  47. E. Investments Limited, Agra
  48. Sahara Utsarga Welfare Society, 24 Parganas North
  49. Saija Finance Private Limited, New Delhi
  50. Satin Creditcare Network Limited, New Delhi
  51. Shri Ajay Singh Bimbhet & others, Mumbai
  52. Shri Ajit Kumar Sharan, Mumbai
  53. Shri Collin R Timms & others, Mumbai
  54. Shri Kiran Dhondopant Thakur & others, Belgaum
  55. Shri M. R. Seetharam, Bengaluru
  56. Shri Manish Khera, Mumbai
  57. Shri Nijay Kumar Gupta, Mumbai
  58. Shri V.Balakrishnan & others, Bengaluru
  59. Shri Vinod Jain, Gurgaon
  60. SKS Microfinance Limited, Mumbai
  61. Sonata Finance Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow
  62. Sri Jayalakshmi Automotives Private Limited, Hyderabad
  63. Sunmarg Welfare Society, 24 Parganas South
  64. Suryoday Micro Finance Private Limited, Navi Mumbai
  65. Tri-Deep Leasing And Finance Limited, New Delhi
  66. UAE Exchange & Financial Services Ltd., Bengaluru
  67. Ujjivan Financial Services Private Limited, Bengaluru
  68. Utkarsh Micro Finance Private Limited, Varanasi
  69. VAYA Finserv Private Limited, Hyderabad
  70. Village Financial Services Private Limited, Kolkata
  71. Vinayak Local Area Bank Limited, Sikar
  72. Vsoft Technologies Private Limited, Hyderabad


Objective — to extend reach of the banking system by opening small savings accounts, facilitate payments or remittances for migrant workforce; low income households, small businesses, other unorganised sector entities and other users

Who can set up?

  • NBFC
  • Corporate bussiness correspondants
  • Mobile telephone companies
  • Super-market chains
  • Real sector cooperatives
  • Public sector entities

Capital requirment ?

The minimum paid-up equity capital shall be 100 crores
its outside liablities should not exceed 33.33times its net worth


  • increase financial inclusion
  • savings/deposits/remittence/payments
  • no credit lending

Promoters contribution …

  • Promoters to bring 40% of intial capital from first 5 years commencement of bussiness

*Foreign shareholding   It would be as per the FDI They can lower policy for private sector banks and amended time to time

Scope of activities

  • Acepting the demand deposits of indiviuals intial holding of 1 lakh rupee per indivual customer
  • issuance of ATM/DEBIT CARD nor credit card
  • payment and remittence service
  • bussiness corespondants of bank–selling small products such as , mutual funds, insurance products

Payment Banks

Names of the applicants for Payments Banks

  1. A Little World Private Limited, Belapur
  2. Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited, Mumbai
  3. Airtel M Commerce Services Limited, New Delhi
  4. Calibre Financial Services Limited, Chennai
  5. Cholamandalam Distribution Services Limited, Chennai
  6. Citrus Payment Solutions Private Limited, Mumbai
  7. Concept Technosoft Ventures Limited, New Delhi
  8. Department of Posts, New Delhi
  9. Eko India Financial Service Private Limited, New Delhi
  10. FINO PayTech Limited, Navi Mumbai
  11. Fx Mart Private Limited, Zirakpur, Mohali
  12. GI Technology Private Limited, Chennai
  13. Instant Global Money Transfer Private Limited, Hoshiarpur
  14. Itz Cash Card Limited, Mumbai
  15. Kalpataru Corporation, Mumbai
  16. KKM Management Centre Private Limited, New Delhi
  17. My Mobile Payments Limited, Mumbai
  18. National Securities Depository Limited, Mumbai
  19. Novopay Solutions Private Limited, Bengaluru
  20. NSE Strategic Investment Corporation Limited, Mumbai
  21. One MobiKwik Systems Private Limited, Gurgaon
  22. Oxigen Services (India) Private Limited, New Delhi
  23. Pay Point India Network Private Limited, Mumbai
  24. Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai
  25. Resource Square Solutions Private Limited, Chennai
  26. Shri Dilip Shantilal Shanghvi, Mumbai
  27. Shri Kishore Laxminarayan Biyani, Mumbai
  28. Shri M.G. George Muthoot & others, Kochi
  29. Shri Nijay Kumar Gupta, Mumbai
  30. Shri Rajib Saha, Gurgaon
  31. Shri Renuka Mata MultiState Co-operative Urban Credit Society Ltd., Ahmednagar
  32. Shri Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Noida
  33. Smart Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
  34. Suvidhaa Infoserve Private Limited, Mumbai
  35. Tech Mahindra Limited, Mumbai
  36. K. Fiscal Services Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
  37. Vakrangee Limited, Mumbai
  38. Videocon d2h Limited, Mumbai
  39. Vodafone m-pesa Limited, Mumbai
  40. Weizmann Forex Limited, Mumbai
  41. YouFirst Money Express Private Limited, Mumbai


* as part of financail inclusion part __
* Nachiket mor committee propsal for Small & Payment banks

The Reserve Bank of India today released the names of applicants of small finance banks and payment banks, stating it received, in its Central Office, 72 applications for small finance banks (Annex I) and 41 applications for payments banks (Annex II).
It may be recalled that the guidelines for licensing of “Small Finance Banks” and “Payments Banks”, issued on November 27, 2014, indicated that in order to ensure transparency, the names of the applicants will be placed on the Reserve Bank’s website after the last date of receipt of applications. The receipt of applications for licensing of small finance banks and payments banks closed on February 02, 2015