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SBI PO Interview Experience shared by Vignesh

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Hi friends! Our AC team member Vignesh Surya has shared interview experience that he had during SBI PO Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue –  Chennai
Date – 06/09/2016
Time – 12:00 Noon, panel I

I reached the center by 11.30. The moment i reached ther comes the certificarte verification and Biometric verifications. No worries abou this,  as the concerned bank authorities will ease the process with their warm and amiable presence. No worries for missing certificates as we have time for about 1 week after giving a letter of Undertaking. My certificate verification and biometric went smoothly.
They gave us a canteen meal Coupon to have lunch and informed us that GD will start by 2 PM. We all had lunch and waiting in the lounge for 2 PM. We have been given with individual numbers according to the roll no. and one guy lead us to GD room where two guys – panellists were waiting in the room. So we entered Chairs were arranged in semi-circular manner with panellists in middle. Our individual number badges were already there on the respective chairs. Panelists well versed us with their clarity over the given info and told us to introduce ourselves as well. Then their comes the GD,

GD topic – Is Selfie an undesirable element of the modern Technology?

We were happy as we got a very interesting topic to discuss and it went smoothly for about 20 mins. Everyone presented therir views nicely and we almost came to a positive consensus.

After that Prioritisation round, 5 minutes were given to mark our priorities and then discussion on each priority. We almost marked four rankings within the provided time, which is 20 mins. Then here comes the end of GD and prioritization round.

Immediately we were directed to the Interview lobby. We were asked to sit according to our badge numbers and interview started one by one. On an average 15 mins for each candidate is the interview duration.

Entered and wished every one. Being a marine engineer, I have been asked to share my sialing experience and I explained it good, I hope.
Then all the question were very general and about my profile only. Some of the questions asked were,

About Mineral Resources,

Why I am leaving Sailing Career,

What are the challenges which the Indian Banking sector is facing now,

About my hobbies,

About ISIS,

About Afghanistan,

About Investment banks,

Sbi branches and ATMs,


About International Banking,

About SBI merger entity.

Questions related to banking basics only. I think they checked our confidence level and reacting to the new situations moreover than the knowledge. Finally expecting for the best thing to happen. Thank u all.

THANK YOU Vigesh for sharing your Interview Experience.

All the Best  :)