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SBI PO 2017 Interview Experience by Priya

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Hello friends,

I am Priya. I am sharing with you my SBI PO interview experience which was held on 4th Sep 2017.

Verification process started well on time. And by 9:15 all the 11 candidates were done with that.IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Group Discussion:

When the gd started i was too nervous. The topic given was “should india adopt for cashless economy”. It was a healthy group discussion. And we gave chance to everybody to put forward their views.

Then second round was to arrange things priority wise and discuss with a conclusion at the end. In both the gd i participated well. Overall it was a very good experience. after the 20-20 mins of gd we had our pi.


Interview of the guy before me lasted for around 10 mins. And after he came out i was so nervous. As i entered the room i saw six members sitting on the sofa with a chair in the middle. I wished them and they asked me to sit.I wished the mam separately.

Following were the questions asked:

• What attracted you towards banking after you did engineering and mba?
• Tell me about yourself in two minutes.
•  What are your hobbies?
•  Difference between marketing and selling? ( i am mba in hr & marketing)
•  IT sector is facing human resource problem, as an hr manager what will you do to solve this?
•  Major reforms in banking in the last one year?
•  Personal experience and view on gst implementation as a normal citizen?
•  Ok with transfer to rural area banks?
•  Have you read todays newspaper? (I said no bcoz i didnt get time)
•  Women and child development minister?
•  If not selected this time then?
( i answered this question and they laughed because he asked me three times and each time i said i’l try again and then answered that i’l take up another job and prepare for banking side by side).

Hoping for the best. 🙂