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SBI PO Interview Experience shared by Ankush Dhiman

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Hi friends! Our reader Ankush shared interview experience that he had during SBI PO Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue –  Chandigarh
Time – 10:00 AM, Panel I

It was my 1st interview of my entire life, which went in very cordial manner
I reached about 8:30 at LHO Chandigarh goes through their security check-up
Document verification started at about 9 AM, staff was very cordial and friendly…i was not having xerox…they provided me facility of their xerox machine, then I signed on every page which I submitted to them….
In my Group there were 10 members in total 4 girls and 6 males
We all entered into the confrence room and were aked to sit on our respective places, there were 2 members, they welcomed us and brief about GD and Priortzation round, as such there were two GD and this tme it was proper GD no separate times were provided….

GD topic :- Technology killing human imagination

Pannel members told that you guys can use any language hindi english or even any local langugae (punjabi as my GD was in chandigarh) but provided that it should not lead to communication barrier
We were given 5 minutes to jot down the points but I got some mis-understanding and I listened Killing as Skilling :D confused what It means haha….but no worries when GD begins all was clear that it is killing, framed all points in my mind itself….In those 20 mins I got chance to speak 3 times …each one of us in the group were having good tone and it went well… last I mentioned (said) explicitly that there should be diplomatic solution so our consensus was that technology is not killing human imagination but reducing it….we should accept the goods leaving the bad :D

Ptani kya e sochenge wo….Diplomat banne aaya hai ya banker :P

After that one paper was provided with 5 mins to mark the things on priority basis having 9 points and discussing on them one by one….that particular part went for 20 mins and then it was over
It was lunch time now…we were asked to leave for officers mess and served with delicious lunch yummmmm…..boht bhook lagi thi maine to subah b kuch ni khaya tha :P
After that interview begins, interview pannel was very friendly my turns came around 4:20 and it last for about 25 mins…..
I entered the room….

Though I prefferd English for it…but it went mostly in hindi as they ask in hindi as well as in english…So HINGLISH I must say
Good evening Mam(1) , Good evening sirs(3) !

M1:- So Mr Ankush….have a seat
Me:- thanku sir

M1:- What is the meaning of your name ?
Me:- Sir to retard something or to restrict something…..kisi chiz ko rok lagana !

M3:- kis kis pe rok lgai bhai (everone laughing)
Me:- sir abi to nahi…in future don’t know….(hahaha…everyone )

M1:- you are civil engineer, very good scope then why you coming here ?
Me:- Sir I am not having that much of interest in Engineering

M1:- Then why did u do ?
Me:- Sir after 12th I was not so well enough matured …the ways people guided I also did the same….but now I know what I want to be…..I wanted to be in an organisation where I get a chance to serve customers …to be very true sir mujhe white collar job to be done..and apart from this I want to be part of national development as public sector banks play an essential role in nation’s development….. (don’t know whether they satisfied with it or not)

M1:- Your father is mechanic?
Me:- yes sir in state transport…posted in Shimla

M1:- Ok, so what is NABARD ?
Me:- explained the full form, manages RRB, RIDF and all then mentioned about RIDF about PSL failed target.

M1:- How they make use of this fund ?
Me:- mentioned(state govts ko loan deke) with an example…sir recently NABARD sanctioned loan of 26 crore to Punjab for solar power….in this manner I told them

M1:- Do you think reservation is justified ?
Me:- Quiet…..ummm sir what should I say on this…..with little laugh

M1:- No issues…present your view
Me:- Ok sir, Sir when we got independence social disparity was there and it was only for 10 yeras but after that only for political reasons which is alive till today…and now today it should be on the economic basis,,,like in OBC main creamy and non creamy’s system is there, that should be there as sir…God has given the same mind to all. According to me who have income less than 6 lkh should be eligible irrepective of their category !

M1:- subsidies should be there or not?
Me: Sir subsidies should be rationalized and channlized so that it only reaches to needy ones….right now we are having DBT mechanism….

M1:- u mean that it should be there?
Me:- yes sir but only to those who are extremely poor….cz we are not that economicaaly viable…today also poverty is there and like LPG subsidy, who earns 50k earn per month he should not be eligible for that as 150-200 does’nt matter, though even a single ruppee matter but when availing services it does not matter for high earners…..

M1:- What change you want in IBPS PO exam?
Me:- sir, IBPS is totally transparent no doubt but I am not satisfied with the pattren , there should be Descriptive in that so that computer profiency can be checked….there should be GDcz by it we get to know managerial and sir every year pattren is same IF 5 syllogism then every year 5 and so on with other topics….like SBI changed this time, like that it should be there….this year IBPS has introduced sectional timing like SBI… these changes should be done each year.

M1:- you are 2015 pass out…what were you doing from last year?
Me:- Sir in order to support my family sir….i am providing home tutions.I am also having my own you tube video channel….i use to  make videos for those who are preparing for banking services examination then monetizing them with google adsense helps me to earn 60-80 dollars or 4-5 k in indian currency……

M4:- 4-5 k dollars daily ?
Me:- no sir, in indian currency monthly

M4:- oh
Me:- and sir apart from that I am making use associate marketing….jaise flipkart hai uske sath tie up karke they paying me 12 % on every product and explained about quora and all….overall I am earning 8-10 k monthly by this

M1:- What is HDI ?
Me:- Expalined about it….UNDP.told them about 2 factors out of 3..ranking  130 (sir I am not sure but I have read it somewhere)….M1 explanied the rest that is 3rd factor

Then finally he pass on the baton to the M2 (Mam)

M2:- What is SHG ?
Me:- Explained about this and linked it to recent

She just asked me one question

M3:- what Govt is doing for agriculture marketing ?
Me:- told them about E-NAM and explained it by linking to my family

M3:-Agriculture k liye kon kon si subsidies hai
Me:- sir on fertilizers , there is KCC…he inturrupted

M3:- KCC is not subsidy
ME:- Oh sorry you are correct sir !

M3:- What is the diffrence between Himachal apples and kashmir apples ? (as I am from Himachal)
Mujhe kya pta yaar,,,here i made gussess only haha but he was satisfied with my confidence
Me:- Sir dont know exactly…but in kashmir soury apple is there(cultivated there , real fact) and sir himachal has all sweet, no sour apple in himachal….size diffrence is also there

M3:- Where are best apples found?
Me:- Sir, Kinnaur’s is best.

M4 (rude guy from south India), his accent was not easy to understand

M4:- what is e-commerce ?
here I got bit confused as in 1st go mujhe samjah hi ni aaya what he was asking…..pardon sir pardon again…then finally got it what he was asking
Me:- told about e-commerce…here i started to mention about with respect to banking but he said no no no…only e commerce…then I came on track….explained it well

M4:- E-commerce websites ?
Me:- Flipkart. Amazon ,Paytm, Ebay and many more

M4:- How they conduct business ?
Me:- Sir,just for a secong imagine that I am a CEO of flipkart and person whoes name is X having gift shop….I will tie up with him…whatsoever order I will recieve… I ll ask him to fulfill on my behalf and then he will keep his share and transfer my share to me

Ok so over…..they did not say verbally but with gestures….
Ok thanku sir to 1st M1 as baton was in his hand….at last I concluded with saying NAMASHKAR to all…….

I dont know…..A bit tensed, what will happen.

THANK YOU Ankush for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best  :)