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SBI PO 2015: Reasoning Quiz Set 1

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Hello Aspirants, Welcome to SBI PO 2015 Quiz Sections. Here is a set of question with solution in Reasoning based on Sbi po prelims exam pattern. We hope it will helpful for exam. Kindly tell your suggestion in comment section.

In each question below are given 2 statements followed by 2 conclusions numbered I and II. Read all conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements, disregarding commonly known facts. Give answer if
a) If only conclusion I follows
b) If only conclusion II follows
c) If neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows
d) If both the conclusions follow

  1. Statements :   All Ovals are Rounds.
    All Circles are Ovals.
    No Ellipse is a Round.
    Conclusions :  I. Some ovals are ellipses.
    II. Atleast some rounds are circles.

  2. Statements :  All ponds are lakes.
    All lakes are seas.
    All seas are oceans.
    Conclusions : I. All lakes are oceans
    II. All seas are ponds.

  3. Statements :  No home is an house.
    Some bungalows are houses.
    Conclusions : I. No home is a bungalow.
    II. All bungalows are homes.

  4. Statements : Some apples are oranges
    Some oranges are mangoes.
    Conclusions : I) Some mangoes are apples as well as oranges.
    II) Some apples are mangoes.

  5. In certain code Father is coded as %*&!>? and Mother is coded as #@&!>? How will Foamer be coded in that code?
    a) %@*#>? b) &*>?@! C) >#!*?% d) &*>@!%


SBI PO Reasoning 1
SBI PO Reasoning 2

Conclusion II cannot be drawn as some apples are not always mangoes as sown in 3rd case. Similarly conclusion one also cannot be drawn as sown in case 1 and 3.Hence option C is the answer, ie no conclusion follows.

5) Foamer will be coded as %@*#>?
Since F will be coded as % , O as @ , A as * , M as # , E as >, R as ?