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SBI Clerk Prelim Exam Analysis (Shift II) – 22 May 2016

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Hello Readers,
SBI Clerk Prelim Exam has started from today. Its taking place in 4 shifts per day. The second shift is also over. The same pattern was followed as first shift. Overall paper was moderate.

Here we are posting the complete exam review section wise.


Total Ques.Max. MarksLevel of DifficultyGood Attempts
Quant3535Moderate16 – 20
Reasoning3535Moderate20 – 24
English3030Easy to Moderate18 – 20

Quant Section

Quant section was easy to moderate carrying good questions. Only 1 DI was aksed with 15 word problems.

  • Simplification – 10 questions
  • Number series – 5 questions
  • Data Interpretation – 1 set (5 questions)
  • Questions from other topics including Partnership, Time and Work, SI, Averages, Boat n Stream, Profit/Loss, Mixture n Alligation – 15 questions (easy to moderate)

Series questions:
5 6, 3, 4.5, 9, ?
6 4, 3, 5, 14, 55, ?
7 21, 60, ?, 72, 18, 6, 3
8 24, ?, 44, 80, 144, 244
9 16, 13.9, 18.1, 11.8, ?

Reasoning Section

This section was moderate with 3 puzzles. No syllogism so it will be definitely asked in main exam.

  • Inequalities – 5 questions
  • Coding/Decoding – 5 questions
  • Alphanumeric series – 5 questions
  • Puzzles n Arrangements (circular and tabular) – 3 sets (15 questions)
  • Miscellaneous (blood relation, direction sense, etc.) – 5 questions

English Section

English section was easy to moderate as always.

  • Reading Comprehension (story based) – 1 passage (10 questions)
  • Cloze test (story based) – 5 questions
  • Error spotting– 5 questions
  • Spelling Correction – 5 questions
  • Parajumbles– 5 questions

Reading Comprehension asked was:
Once four young Brahmins were disciples of a learned guru. They spent years learning all the scriptures. And then one day, they were ready to leave their teacher’s hermitage. The teacher advised the Brahmins, “Knowledge is power. Use it wisely. Never use your powers in vain.”
The four young Brahmins were excited that they had completed their schooling. They were eager to test their skills. As they were going through the forest they saw the bones of a lion lying on the ground. “Look at that! They look like the bones of a lion. Let’s try our skills on these bones.” said oneof the Brahmins.
The four young Brahmins agreed to test their knowledge. The first Brahmin decided to put the bones together and recreate the skeleton of the lion. “There you see! This is a perfect skeleton of the lion!” said the first Brahmin..
The second young Brahmin eager to test his knowledge and skills decided to give theskeleton flesh and skin. As the others watched he created a perfect life-like lion. “Doesn’t it look perfect? A pity it is not alive!” said the second Brahmin.
The third young Brahmin was the cleverest of them all. He decided to try and breathe life into the body of the lion. He said, “Our guru taught me the special skill of giving life.”
But the fourth Brahmin who was not as clever as the others felt that they were using their powers in vain. When the others would not listen to him, he climbed onto the branch of a tree before his friend gave life to the lion. He told the others “I think I’ll stay on this tree while you test your skills.”
The fourth Brahmin watched from the tree as his friend uttered spells and sprinkled water on the lion. As soon as the lion came to life, it sprang up and killed the three young Brahmins.