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Researchers of INST found a route to fabricate precisely controlled nanostructure of desired geometry and location on 2D materials

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INST scientists find route to fabricate preciselyResearchers team led by Dr Kiran Shankar Hazra, of Institute of Nano Science and Technology (INST), Mohali an autonomous institute under the Department of Science and Technology (DST) found an innovative route to fabricate precisely controlled nanostructure of the required geometry and location on two dimensional(2D) materials using one-step low power laser writing process.

The approaches used so far with the synthesis of complex morphologies limits the potential in being used for large area substrates.


i.The INST team developed a hybrid –  Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy(SERS) platform of Molybdenum disulfide(MoS2) nanostructure decorated with gold nanoparticles, the direct laser writing is used to engineer the artificial edges on the MoS2 surface, creates controlled formation of localized hotspots for ultrasensitive and reproducible detection of analytes.

ii.In the research accepted for the publication in the journal ACS Nano, by Dr Kiran Hazra and team, the focused laser beam of the meagre power of conventional Raman Spectrometer is used to do nanostructuring on the 2D flakes of the desired geometry and size by using laser power and exposure time.

iii.The minimum feature size of  ̴ 300nm, closer to the diffraction limit of the used laser(532nm laser line) is achieved using this technique.

The challenging task in SERS sensing is producing the SERS substrate of controllable hotspots distribution with desired geometry and location.

About SERS:

SERS is a technique for molecular detection and characterization that depends on the enhanced Raman Scattering of molecules, absorbed on a SERS-active surface(nanostructured gold or silver).

Key Points:

This innovative route is advantageous over the randomly distributed hotspots in the conventional SERS substrates.

The team is now exploring the different applications of 2D material in catalysis, sensing and optoelectronics devices.

This research will open up the development of commercialized SERS with localized detection capability of analytes.

About INST:
Director- Amitava Patra
Location- Mohali, Punjab