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Tamil Nadu starts Implementation of Solar Fence Farmland Protection Programme

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Solar Fence Farmland Protection ProgrammeOn 25th May 2020, The Government of Tamil Nadu started the preliminary works on implementing the Solar Fence Farmland Protection Programme, under the Central Agriculture Improvement Scheme.

This scheme is to protect agricultural lands of the districts which have the western ghats as their boundaries and are at risk of animal(Elephant) attacks.

Key Points:

i.The eco-friendly and non polluting solar powered electric fences are being constructed in the various districts of Tamil Nadu.

ii.50% of the construction cost of the electric fence and setting up the solar panels for power generation will be provided under the Central Agriculture Improvement Scheme as a subsidy to the farmers

iii.The Maximum limit for availing the subsidy is set to Rs.2.18 Lakhs.

Solar Power Fencing Technology:

i.The wire fencing with strands of plain wire and Metal/wood/cement post to hold in position will carry a high voltage current powered by solar power will give a sharp and short non-lethal shock against tampering and the alarm with the system will alert the users.

ii.These fence are custom made based on the customers need and condition of the site

iii.The fence operates on a battery which charges in the morning and uses the stored charge in the night providing 24 hrs security.

iv.The advantages of solar power fencing technology are, 

  • Human and animal safety
  • Low cost and ease of construction
  • Flexibility 
  • Long life (upto 40 years)

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