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Reasoning Questions: Puzzles Set 73

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in Here we are creating question sample in Puzzles set, which is common for all the IBPS,SBI, RBI, IPPB, IDBI exam and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

I. Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.

Ten students namely vizJaidev, Jaya, Jeeva, Janaki, Jyothi, Jaspal, Jamuna, Jagadish, Jayanthi and Jasmine of ten different colleges but not necessarily in the same order have exam on five different days starting from Monday to Friday of the same week. Each student have exam at two different time slots, i.e09.00 AM or 11.00 A.M
The number of people who have exam between Jamuna and Janaki is same as the number of people who have exam between Jeeva and Jagadish. Only two people have exam between Jaspal and Jasmine. Neither Jyothi nor Jamuna does not have exam on Friday.Jayanthi has exam on Tuesday at 09.00 A.M. Jagadish does not have exam at 11.00 AM. Janaki does not have exam on any one of the days after Jyothi. Jayanthi does not have exam on any of the days before Jamuna.Jaspal does not have exam on any of the days after Jagadish. Jaya has exam immediately before Jayanthi.The one who has exam at 09.00 A.M. immediately before Jasmine. Janaki has exam immediately after the day of one who has exam on Monday. Jaspal does not have exam at 11.00 A.M. Only three people have exam between Jamuna and Jyothi.


JamunaMonday9 A.M
JayaMonday11 A.M
JayanthiTuesday9 A.M
JanakiTuesday11 A.M
JyothiWednesday9 A.M
JeevaWednesday11 A.M
JaspalThursday9 A.M
JaidevThursday11 A.M
JagadishFriday9 A.M
JasmineFriday11 A.M


  1. Which of the following is correctly matched?
    1.Jayanthi – Monday
    2.Jyothi – Tuesday
    3.Jaya – Friday
    4.Janaki – Tuesday
    5.Jayanthi – Wednesday
    Answer – 4.Janaki – Tuesday

  2. Who among the following have exam on Thursday?
    2.Jeeva, Jyothi
    3.Jyothi, Jaya
    4.Jaspal, Jaidev
    5.Jamuna, Jayanthi
    Answer – 4.Jaspal, Jaidev

  3. Four among the following form a group in a certain way. Which of the following does not belong to Group?
    1.Jagadish– Friday
    2.Janaki – Wednesday
    3.Jamuna– Tuesday
    4.Jaidev – Friday
    5.Jaya – Tuesday
    Answer – 1.Jagadish– Friday

  4. Who among the following person has exam at 9 A.M?
    Answer – 3.Jagadish

  5. How many persons have exam at 11’0 clock between Jyothi and Jagadish?
    5.None of these.
    Answer – 3.2

II. Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.

Seven different boxes L, M, N, O, P, Q and R of different colours viz., Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink and Orange are arranged one above the other. The box at the bottom of arrangement is numbered 1, the above box is numbered 2 and so on. M is immediately above P. More than two boxes are above the Green box. The Yellow box is immediately below L. Only one box is between the Green box and Q. R is immediately above the Pink box. Only one box is between M and the Red box. Only two boxes are between the Red and the Orange box. Only two boxes are between the Yellow box and the Green box. The blue box is neither at the top nor at the bottom of the arrangement. M is above Red box. N is immediately above Q. Neither N nor R is a Yellow box. R is not a Green box.




  1. Which of the following is the colour of Box “P”?
    5.None of the Above
    Answer – 4.Green

  2. Which of the following is correctly matched?
    1.Q– Purple
    2.M – Yellow
    3.P – Blue
    4.L – Pink
    5.O – Red
    Answer – 4.L – Pink

  3. Which combination represents the position of N and its colour?
    1.5 – Purple
    2.4 – Pink
    3.1 – Yellow
    4.4 – Green
    5.7 – Purple
    Answer – 5.7 – Purple

  4. As per the given arrangement, R is related to Orange and L is related to Blue in a certain way. To which of the following is O related to the same way?
    5.None of the Above
    Answer – 3.Green

  5. Which box is in between the box numbered 6 and the box of green colour?
    1.Box numbered 3
    3.Box numbered 4
    5.None of the Above
    Answer – 4.Blue