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Professional Knowledge Questions asked in IBPS SO IT Officer 14/02/2016

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Dear Aspirants,
Some of the Professional Knowledge questions asked in today’s IBPS SO IT Officer exam, are listed below.

Morning Shift:

1. The core in a operating system is called: kernel
2. PPP (Point to Pint Protocol) is used for: the communication between two computers using a serial interface.
3. Which class is used for large networks? : Class A
4. File Extension of Microsoft Word 2013 is : docx
5. A hierarchical database uses: one-to-many relationship
6. The round button in web pages is called : radio button
7. Scrambling of Data is called : Encryption
8. Java language is mainly used for : a new platform for Internet
9. Malicious software is also known as : Malware
10. The virus which attaches itself to macros? – Macro virus
11. To prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks: Firewall
12. TCP and UDP belong to what layer of the OSI model: Transport layer
13. One question related to: Normal Form(NF)
14. In JAVA, the class destructor returns: No Value
15. Shortcut key for Help: F1
16. One question related to data dictionary
17. Which of the following is TCP/IP data link layer protocol –
18. Connection oriented protocol: TCP
19. One question related to: insecure network protocols
20. Which option where you search for files: start
21. What is used to provide relationship between two relations which have matching or same attribute: foreign key
22. How does UNIX system provides multi-tasking:
23. When you override an existing function, what should be same in it?
24. In which phase of SDLC a new hardware is added which can be used afterwards? System design

Evening Shift:
1. Which normal form is not concerned with functional dependency?
2. One question related to : Kernel
3. one question related to : Select Operating System
4. Shortcut key to create a new folder?
5. Which of the following is an example declaration of a class in c++??
6. One question related to: Router