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IBPS SO (IT Officer) Exam Analysis Morning Shift – 14 February 2016

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Hello Readers, IBPS SO 2016 is conducted in two shifts. Talking about the morning shift exam, the overall exam was easy. But there were mixed reviews about the exam.
The unexpected thing: The exam was not lengthy. One could have attempted 200 questions too. :P
So yes the cutoff will be high.

Read professional knowledge questions from here.

Read evening shift review from here.

Here we are posting the complete exam review section wise.EXAM REVIEW

SectionTotal Ques.Max. MarksLevel of DifficultyGood Attempts
Quant5050Easy to Moderate32 – 35
Reasoning5050Easy35 – 38
English5025Moderate28 – 30
Professional Knowledge5075Moderate28 – 30

Reasoning Section:-

This section was easy. Puzzles were easy this time. They did not puzzled too much.
Input output was based on odd/even number and vowels/consonants. It was easy once you get the logic behind.

  • Syllogism – 5 questions
  • Inequalities – 5 questions
  • Coding/Decoding – 5 questions
  • Data Sufficiency – 3 questions
  • Input/Output – 5 questions (moderate to understand, but time consuming to make the output of given input)
  • Puzzles n Arrangements – 4 sets (20 questions) – Floor, North/south sitting, square table (ones sitting middle facing centre, at corners facing outside), Monday to Saturday (people n their liking for a movie)
  • Critical Reasoning (probable reason, weak argument, etc) – 5 questions
  • Miscellaneous – 2 questions (pairs in word NEUTRAL, 3 added to each odd digit and 1 subtracted from each even digit in number 867592 then how many digits repeat)

Quant Section:-

Quant section can be said as easy this time. It was not very calculative.
But yes there were questions that made you realize that only shortcuts are not important for the exam, you should also know the long procedures. Example: 80 l of milk in jug, 6 l drawn out filled with 8 l of water. Now 4 l of mixture drawn out. What is the final amount of milk in mixture? (Notice that second we have not replaced the mixture with water)
The overall section was easy to moderate.  At least 1 question was there from each quant syllabus topic. The questions were basic like

  • 16 m and 20 w can do in 10 days. 10 w in 24 days. So 20 m inn?
  • Two articles bought for same CP. One sold for 20% profit, another sold for Rs 1520 less than the first was sold for. Find the CP of 1 article.
  • Sum P put in scheme A for 8 years offering 4% rate of interest. Also same sum P put for 6 years at 6% rate of interest. Difference in interests received is Rs 300. Find P.
  • Five years ago, ages of A : B is 8 : 5. C is 2 years younger than A and 4 years older than B, find age of C.

Weightage of topics:

  • Quadratic Equations – 6 questions
  • Number series – 6 questions
  • Data Sufficiency – 5 questions
  • Approximation – 5 questions
  • Data Interpretation – 3 sets (17 questions)
  • Questions from other topics including Partnership, Time and Work, SI, Averages, Boat n Stream, Profit/Loss, Mixture n Alligation – 11 questions (easy to moderate)

English Section:-

English section was easy to moderate as always.

  • Reading Comprehension– 1 passage (10 questions)
  • Cloze test– 10 questions
  • Error spotting– 10 questions
  • Sentence Improvement– 10 questions
  • Fillers – 5 questions
  • Parajumbles– 5 questions

Professional Knowledge:-

Professional knowledge section was easy to moderate.
Questions included from the topics DBMS, Networking, Software Engineering, Operating System, Basic Computer (file extension for office 2013, which option on desktop to search for files, shortcut for Help option, etc), Internet and web, etc.