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“One Humanity: Shared Responsibility” report publicized by UN Sec. Gen.

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To make a pitch for preventing the destruction of humanitarian laws and to protect civilians in conflict, United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon has released a report dubbed “One Humanity: Shared Responsibility”.

  • The report has called for a global campaign on the sidelines of World Humanitarian Summit that will hold in Istanbul, Turkey. The theme of the summit will be One Humanity: Shared Responsibility.

In accordance with the report, currently, 43% of people live in vulnerable situations. If efforts will not time, by 2030, the figure is expected to touch 62%.

“One Humanity Shared Responsibility” report publicized by UN Sec. Gen.Key Highlights of Report

Preventing and ending conflicts

  • Preventing conflicts in the world and finding political solutions to resolve them.
  • As per the report conflicts occupy 80% of all humanitarian needs.

Upholding the laws to safeguard humanity

  • Every day, millions of civilians are deliberately or indiscriminately getting killed in wars and other conflicts. In this regard, world leaders must commit to the rules to protect humanity.
  • 90% of people get killed or injured by the use of explosive weapons.

Leaving no one behind

  • Empowering all women, men, girls and boys to be agents of positive transformation.
  • Reducing displacement, supporting refugees and migrants.
  • Ending gaps in education and fighting to eliminate sexual violence.

Changing people’s lives

  • Respecting and strengthening local leadership and capacity.
  • Anticipating
  • Transcending the humanitarian developments.

Investing in humanity

  • Sharing responsibilities for humanity.