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NIAB develops portable coronavirus detection kit “eCovSens”

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On 3rd May 2020 The researchers from the Department of Biotechnology(DBT), National Institute of Animal Biotechnology(NIAB) developed a biosensor “eCovSens” to detect the novel coronavirus within 30 seconds using 20 microliters of the sample of saliva  The Biosensors is currently used to detect toxins, narcotic drugs and used as a reliable tool to detect infectious diseases.coronavirus detection kit eCovSensKey Points:

i.The eCoVSens consist of a carbon electrode and the COVID-19 antibody, capable of binding with the spike protein on the outer layer of the virus and the antigen and the antibody generates an electrical signal when binding.

ii.The device is capable of detecting the virus in low concentrations and doesn’t require isolating the viral RNA which saves machines and time.

iii.The device can also be supported by the battery since it uses a very low voltage of 1.3V to 3v.

Compared to the regular potentiostat the eCoVSens is ultrasensitive and quicker. The device is stable and can bring down the cost by building in bulk.

iv.The device is customised to the target analyte and can be used to detect various ailments in the future

About NIAB:
NIAB is an autonomous institute under the Department of Biotechnology, Minister of Science and Technology.
Director– Dr.Subeer S. Majumdar
Headquarters– Hyderabad, Telangana