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New twighopper species named Cladonotus bhaskari after Kerala researcher Dhaneesh Bhaskar

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New-twighopper-species-named-Cladonotus-bhaskari-after-Keralite-researcher-Dhaneesh-BhaskarAfter a span of 116 years, a first new species of twighopper, genus Cladonotus Saussure, was discovered from the Sinharaja rainforest of Sri Lanka by Croatian and German researchers. The interesting fact is that this cockcomb-shaped twighopper has been named as Cladonotus bhaskari after Dhaneesh Bhaskar, a young conservation biologist and grasshopper expert from Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI).

  • A twighopper is a pygmy grasshopper which has resemblance to tiny twigs.
  • Notably, this newly discovered species is also the first known female of the genus, and its photograph is the first photo of the member of this genus in the natural habitat.
  • The new species is clearly distinguished from other species of the genus by its long and spine-like frontomedial projection and cockscomb-shaped promedial projection. 

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