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Modern History: From Quit India To make British Quit India or Till Independence

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Quit India,1942:


  • After the failure of Cripps mission, resolution for the movement to make British quit India was passed on 8 August, 1942 at Bombay.
  • Gandhiji gave the slogan ‘Do or Die’.
  • This was the last and most violent agitation in Indian history,
  • Lord LinLithgow was the governor general at that time.
  • Parallel governments were set up at various placessuch as the one in Ballia in eastern U.P. under theleadership of ChittuPande. Others were in Satara,Talcher, parts of Eastern U.P. and Bihar.

Wavell plan or Shimla conference, 1945:

  • This was the meeting between Governor general Lord Wavell, congress and Muslim league.
  • He proposed a plan which focused on self-government in India.
  • He reached a potential agreement for the self-rule of India which provided separate representation for Muslims and reduced majority powers for both communities in their majority region. But dispute arose when Jinnah demanded that Muslim candidates can be selected only by Muslim league.
  • Congress opposed this and Wavell plan failed.

Cabinet mission,1946:


  • The Cabinet Mission reached Delhi on 24th March 1946. Its members were-Lord Pethick Lawrence, Stafford Cripps (President of the Board of trade) and Mr. A.V. Alexendar (the first Lord of the Admiralty).
  • This mission helped India to set up a constitution body.
  • This mission had rejected the proposal of Pakistan. Instead it focused on power sharing between Hindu and Muslim in united India.

3rd june plan,1947 and  Independence:

  • On 3rd June 1947, the Mountbatten plan was announced. It was essentially, plan for the partition of India. The Congress and the Muslim League both accepted the plan of 3rd June.
  • The Indian Independence Bill was introduced in the British Parliament on 4th July 1947. It was passed as the Indian Independence Act on 18thJuly 1947.
  • On 15 August, 1947, India got its Independence.