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Modern History: Revolutionaries

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  • Chapekar brothers (Damodar and Balkrishna) murdered the unpopular Mr. Rand and Lt. Amherst in 1897 at Pune.
  • MadanLalDhingra shot dead Curzon Wyllie, an officer of India Office in London in 1909.
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police, Saunders was shot dead by Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azadand Rajguru in 1928. They were convicted in the Lahore Conspiracy cas
  • Bhagat Singh and BatukeshwarDutt threw bombs in the Central Legislative Assembly in April 1929during session.
  • Formation of ‘Indian Independence Committee’ by VirendraNathChattopadhya, BhupendraNath
  • Dutt, Hardayal and others in 1915 with the assistance of German foreign Ministry under the “Zimmerman Plan”.
  • Suryasen declared independence at Chittagong in 1930 and formed “Indian Republican Army.”
  • Execution of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru by the British on March 23, 1931 in Lahoreconspiracy case.
  • Surya Sen was arrested in 1933 and was tried and hanged.
  • LalaHardayal: Most well-known for forming the Ghadar Party in America in 1913.. The Ghadar Party is well-known for the Ghadar Conspiracy under which Indian soldiers were to be instigated to start rebellion against the British during World War I. The plan was however foiled by the British


  • Kamagatamaru case:”Kamagatamaru was the Japanese ship”.It was hired by the Gurdittsingh. The passengers consisted of 340 Sikhs, 24 Muslims, and 12 Hindus.This ship was forcefully reverted back to India from Canada.(there were originally 376 persons on the ship,372 were not allowed to land in china)
  • Sir Aurobindo: was an Indian nationalist, philosopher, yogi, guru, and poet.he focused on spirituality.


  • D.Savarkar: He was the founded student societies including Abhinav Bharat Society and the Free India Society.
  • Henry Louis Vivian Derozio:leader of young bengal movement.