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Manipuri doctor Thangjam Dhabali Singh conferred ‘Order of Rising Sun’ by Japan

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On April 30, 2020, Thangjam Dhabali Singh, Manipuri allopathic doctor, was conferred with “Order of Rising Sun- Gold and Silver Rays” by the Japan government for promoting a better understanding of Japan in India and deepening ties between 2 countries.Manipuri doctor Thangjam Dhabali SinghKey Points:

i.The Japan Government conferred the decoration on Singh while announcing the names of the foreign recipients of the Spring Decoration 2020.

ii.About Thangjam Dhabali Singh: He is the founder and the former president of the Manipur Tourism Forum (MTF). Singh organised the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Imphal of the Second World War and several Japanese citizens, including officials from the Embassy of Japan in India had participated in the event.

iii.The Imphal Peace Foundation was launched with support from the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and the Nippon Foundation of Japan on June 22 last year. The MTF played an important role in giving shape to it during Dhabali Singh’s tenure as president of the forum.

iv.About “Order of Rising Sun”: The ”Order of the Rising Sun” is conferred on persons with achievements in international relations, promotion of Japanese culture, environmental preservation, welfare or achievements in their fields. It was established in 1875 by Emperor Meiji and created on April 10, 1875, as the first national decoration of Japan.

v.The Order of the Rising Sun is generally the highest conferred order following the Order of the Chrysanthemum which is reserved for Head of State and Royalty and the Order of the Paulownia Flowers mostly given to politicians.

vi.The modern version of the award has been conferred on non-Japanese recipients from 1981 and the Order is administered by the Decoration Bureau of the Cabinet Office headed by the Japanese Prime Minister (PM) and awarded in the name of the emperor.

About Japan:
Capital– Tokyo.
Currency– Japnese yen.
Prime Minister (PM)– Shinzō Abe.