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Last Minutes Tips to Clear IBPS PO Prelim Exam 2016

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Hello Readers
IBPS PO remains the most awaiting exam of the year for all the candidates who are preparing for banking, insurance and other related exams.
So it has come for the year 2016.
By now all of you must know that what is the pattern of the whole recruitment and the syllabus.
For any queries. Click here for the pattern and syllabus.

Those who have not yet done the previous year’s IBPS PO Prelim papers can download from here.

So the first level is your IBPS PO Prelim 2016 exam. Since the marks of the prelim exam is not counted in the final cutoff, there is no much headache for the exam. So even if you just clear the exam at cutoff marks, you are done for the Main exam.
The cutoff for Prelim exam remains almost the same. The cutoff of IBPS PO Prelim exam 2015 was like this:


It will remain almost the same with 2 to 3 marks up or down. So, isn’t it easy to clear the sectional cutoff and also the final cutoff?
Yes, it is.

Now lets discuss about some strategy to attempt the exam or we can say the smart work which can be done to clear the Prelim exam.

  • The exam is not only about the hard work.  It is hard work + smart work.
  • People who are not in English also need not worry, they can gain marks in other 2 subjects.
  • One thing which is very important is: Please do not be dependent on Reasoning section to clear your final cutoff.
  • You can start with whatever section you like. But we recommend you to start with English as it does not take much time.

So with English we have seen we need only marks to clear cutoff. And so if you do 10 – 12 questions in English with 98% accuracy, that is enough. But try to have100% accuracy in these 10 -12 questions.
1st and last sentence in Para jumbles or sentence rearrangement remains doable. Sometimes second or second last too. So we get 2 or 3 marks here. Out of 5 blanks of cloze test again, at least you fill do 2 or 3 blanks. Next error finding or sentence correction, again 2 or 3 marks. So see that it is not necessary that you give all your time in the same set of 5 questions. Fillers also remain easy specially when double filler sentences are there. So if out of 5 questions in a set you get 2 or 3 answers it is just enough.
Reading Comprehensions are getting harder in PO exams. Instead of the direct answers, synonyms of the words are used in answer part. So attempt RCs very carefully.

What we all do is we try to do that thing which we like, but it is not true with the Reasoning section. I am talking particularly about puzzles here, you all like solving puzzles, but you do not have to waste time starting solving puzzles.  Try to do other questions (like inequalities, syllogism, blood relation, direction sense, coding decoding, etc.) plus 1 puzzle for the Prelim exam. Attempt only 1 puzzle which you find easy. Yes you will have to find the puzzle which is easy to understand and solve. This will give you 20-25 questions. Near about 20 minutes can be given.

In Prelim exam, the Quant section remains moderate. Questions like approximations, quadratic equations remain easy. Again from series, 2 or 3 out of 5 are generally easy ones so they can be attempted. 2 DIs are expected in prelim exam and 1 DI remains easy. Read individual questions of only those topics which have much practiced on. Topics like probability, ratio, average, partnership are easy so should be attempted at first. Next you can solve other topics questions according to your ease. Leave the rest questions. This will give you 18-20 questions. Near about 25 – 30 minutes can be given.

If time is left, move on to solve more questions or check your attempted questions.
This is just an example. Make your own strategy to reach your own goal.


  • Reasoning remains same for all. Those good at English, gain more here and attempt less in Quant and those good at Quant, gain more here and attempt less in English.
  • Do not waste time in puzzles; solve only 1 – the easy one.
  • If a question is not getting solved, leave that, do not waste time.
  • Solve questions with normal speed, not in hurry, not that slow.
  • Divide time before the start of exam for all three sections.
  • You can also decide how many questions you want to attempt in each section in order to reach at least 50 total questions with minimum 10 questions in each section.
  • And then in between exam, count the number of questions you have done in sections.
  • Do questions with accuracy.
  • Do not do guess work in English.
  • Do not forget to take the Admit Card with photograph affixed, Photo Identity Proof in original and a photo-copy of it (Ration Card and E-Aadhar Card are not accepted). Your name in ID Proof must exactly match with the one you have in your Admit Card.
  • Do reach the exam venue well before time even you have exam centre nearby because the faculty at centres is always strict.
  • Last but not the least, please do not forget to share your exam experience with us.

All the best from AffairsCloud team