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Confusing words with word meanings – 5

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are providing you someconfusing words which are very important for all competitive Exams !!!

Adverse:Hostile, unfavorable

Usage – The adverse weather conditions forced them to turn back.

Synonyms – conflicting, contrary, detrimental, disadvantageous, down on, down side, have no use for, inimical, injurious, inopportune

Averse:Reluctant, to dislike

Usage – I am not averse to hearing your suggestions.

Synonyms – reluctant, unfriendly, unwilling

Aggravate: To make worse

Usage- Lying to cover up a crime will aggravate the offense.

Synonyms – provoke, get on one’s nerves, get to, give a hard time

Aggregate: To collect together or total

Usage – Charges for a corporate Web site can aggregate into tens of thousands of dollars.

Synonyms – accumulated, added, amassed, assembled, collected, collective, combined, composite, corporate

Ail:To cause trouble or discomfort to

Usage – What ails you?

Synonyms – afflict, annoy, bother, distress, pain, sicken, trouble, upset

Ale:An alcoholic beverage, stronger than beer

Usage – My friend and I will have two pints of ale, bartender.

 Allusion:Indirect or casual mention

Usage- No one made any allusion to the scandal while she was in the room.

Synonyms – charge, citation, connotation, denotation, figure of speech, implication, imputation, incidental mention

Illusion:Presentation of a false or misleading idea

Usage – The magician gave the illusion of sawing the woman in half.

Synonyms – false impression, fancy, fantasy, figment of imagination,

Delusion:Mistaken belief while in a confused state of mind

Usage – He was under the delusion that he could fly.

Elusion:Evasion or clever escape

Usage – The embezzlers celebrated their elusion of the police a little too soon.  

Altar: Worship table

Usage – The priest approached the altar.

Alter: Change

Usage – Nothing you can say will alter my plans.

Synonyms – adapt, adjust, amend, change, convert, cook, correct mid-course, develop, dial back, diversify

Any one:Whichever unit

Usage – You can have any one of these prizes.

Anyone:Any person whatever

Usage – Anyone having information about the whereabouts of the suspect, please come forward.

Arc:A curved line

Usage – A rainbow is an arc.

Ark:A large, flat-bottomed boat

Usage – They loaded the grain on the ark and floated it down the river.

Bouillon:Clear soup with a strong flavor

Usage – For the first course I’ll have beef bouillon.

Synonyms – bowl, brew, chowder, concoction, consommé, decoction, dishwater, distillation, elixir, fluid

Bullion:Precious metals, formed into bars

Usage – The coach was loaded with hundreds of bars of gold bullion.

Calendar: Device for showing divisions of time

Usage – Mark this date on your calendar.


Usage – Use the colander to drain the noodles.

Synonyms – bowl-shaped sieve, sifter, utensil

Cue:Signal to begin

Usage – At the meeting, I won’t say anything until I get the cue from you.

Synonyms – catchword, clue, hint, hot lead, idea, in the wind, indication, inkling, innuendo, intimation

Queue:People in line

Usage – We had to wait in the queue to get tickets for the movie.