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ISRO Receives Patent for Liquid Cooling and Heating Garment for Astronauts 

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Isro receives patentThe Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has initiated a 10,000 crore project- Gaganyaan to send humans to space by 2022, in accordance to which, ISRO has received a patent for its Liquid Cooling and Heating Garment (LCHG) for astronauts to use in space for protection from hot and cold environments.

Design & Features of LCHG


  • It is designed for long term use without any impact on the wearer in terms of skin irritation or infection and is low in cost of manufacture according to specifications filed by the organisation with the Patent office in 2016.
  • Its outer layer is made of polymeric fabric net and an inner layer of polymeric fabric tricoting, which contacts the skin.
  • It is a close fitting long garment and used as a single lightweight comfort inner wear over which the flight suit is worn.


  • It will protect our astronauts from hot and cold environments with comfort temperatures.
  • These are also used in military applications, firefighting and also for personal cooling and heating purposes in extreme temperature and humidity conditions that exist in the workplace.
  • The coolant flow rate is 100ml/minute and the heat transfer fluid rate is 50-1000 ml per minute.


i.ISRO has initiated a Rs 10,000 crore project with a target to send humans to space by 2022 and has been preparing various experiments to make the project successful.

ii.It also plans to send three astronauts to orbit the Earth at an altitude of 400km, for up to 7 days.

iii.It plans to conduct and execute the two unnamed mission in the Human Space Flight centre in Bangalore, Karnataka prior to the Gaganyaan Mission.


ISRO is an Indian Space Agency of Government of India, its vision is to “harness space technology for natural development while pursuing space science research & planetary exploration”.ISRO built India’s first Satellite Aryabhata.

About ISRO:
Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka
Chairman: Dr. K. Sivan