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India with 12 Countries Leads “Verified” Initiative of United Nations to Counter Misinformation on COVID-19

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India, with 12 nations, leads initiative VerifiedIndia with 12 other countries lead the “Verified” initiative launched by the United Nations (UN) on 21st May 2020, to fight the spreading of misinformation (Infodemic) about COVID-19 with fact-based accurate information.


The Infodemic – spread of misinformation, is the secondary impacts of a pandemic which increase the risks of conflicts, violence, human right violations etc.


i.The initiative is led by the United Nations Department of Global Communication(DGC) with an aim to provide facts about COVID-19 in the digital space.

ii.The initiative is a collaboration with Purpose, one of the world’s leading social mobilization organizations, and supported by the IKEA Foundation and Luminate.

iii.UN also partners with First Draft, an organization which closely monitors the spread of misinformation.

iv.This will provide information on three theme:

  • Science –  to Save lives
  • Solidarity – to promote local and global cooperation
  • Solution – to advocate for support to impacted population

v.The initiative recruits information volunteers – “Digital first responders” who will receive daily feeds on verified facts and will spread the information to counter the misinformation.

vi.To become “information volunteers” you can login

Key Points:

i.132 member nations support the cross regional statement on infodemic of the initiative by Australia, Chile, France, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Lebanon, Mauritius, Mexico, Norway, Senegal and South Africa.

ii.This is to combat the infodemic due to fake news and videos made to stir violence and divide communities which are dangerous to the human health and security.

iii.This initiative calls on the member states to create a healthier, more equitable and resilient world.

About United Nations:
Secretary General– António Guterres
Headquarters– New York, United States of America