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India ranks 4th in APAC in terms of resume fraud

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As per recent reports, the percentage of discrepancies has increased year-on-year as the Indian employers have intensified the recruitment process in the last quarter. 23% of background checks conducted in India between January 2014  and April 2015  showed discrepancies, with more than half of them education based. This is according to The HireRight Employment Background Screening Trend Report for India.

  • India is placed at 4th position in terms of discrepancies with 23%.
  • Philippines topped with 30% followed by Malaysia at 27% and Japan at 26%.
  • Fifth position was taken by Singapore followed by Australia and China at 22%,21% and 18% respectively.
  • 2,18,000 checks were carried out in India between January 2014 and April 2015 and reports were given.
  • HireRight MD APAC,Mr Edward Hickey, said that because of high competition in the job market, the candidates may decorate or fabricate qualifications or job experiences on resumes to get noticed from others.
  • He further said that India is becoming major place for the MNCs and pro-employment intent of the government is witnessing an uptake in terms of talent acquisition.
  • Mr Edward Hickey also said that with the employment background screening being underrated and overlooked in recruitment process, this report is clear evidence of background verification being a standard process in hiring for organisations to reduce risks and ensure good quality.
  • Educational discrepancies are 52% followed by employment discrepancies at 11%.
  • Almost 3 out of 10 screenings conducted by HireRight in India from January 2014 had discrepancy in it.
  • The discrepancies related to educational, employment background and professional licences are found by HireRight through their background screening with CVs showing lies or inaccuracies.
  • To lesser extent there are also inaccuracies in their criminal history or identification documents given.
  • Hiring a candidate not having the required qualifications would lead to serious problems in organisations.

About HireRight 

  • It is one of the worlds largest provider of employee background check services.
  • Its offices in India are in Mumbai and Bangalore.
  • All over the world its offices are in countries like UK, USA,Canada,Singapore,Philippines,HongKong,Poland etc.
  • Various screening  services offered by Hireright in AsiaPacific  are criminal record checks, employment verifications,reference verifications etc