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IIT Kanpur Develops Virtual Classroom Aid, ‘Mobile Masterjee’

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IIT Kanpur develops virtual classroom systemThe Indian Institute of Technology(IIT)  Kanpur has developed a  virtual classroom aid,  ‘Mobile Masterjee’. It is a classroom-to-home teaching setup, which enables students to record teachers’ lectures/instructions while using smartphones. It is developed by the Imagineering Lab of IIT Kanpur.

Purpose of the setup– To help rural schools overcome the teaching and learning challenges caused by the pandemic. 

Features of ‘Mobile Masterjee’

i.Key features

  • It can capture the videos in horizontal (table) and vertical (blackboard) and can  also hold, focus and position the whole recording setup. 
  • It is lightweight and compact. It has adjustments to fit sheets/books on it to give instructions to the students.

ii.Record lecture in home ambience– A set graduated scale in Mobile Masterjee aligns the sheet at the desired angle, followed by the rotational adjustment of the mobile holder. Thus, a teacher is able to record the lecture in the home environment.

iii.Allows Writing on paper– It allows to write on a sheet of paper besides giving the option of recording blackboard teaching.

Note– The product was engineered by a team comprising Prof J Ramkumar, Dr Amandeep Singh, Anil Jha, Virendra Singh and Jitendra Sharma.

Other Development by IIT Kanpur

It had developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered solution, ‘Satyanweshi’ (seeker of truth in Sanskrit) to find and check true information about COVID-19

About IIT Kanpur:
Chairperson– Koppillil Radhakrishnan
Director– Prof. Abhay Karandikar