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IIT-Delhi, UN-WFP to offer research-based solution to storage, supply of food grains

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Provide Reserach-Based SolutionsThe United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) India and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi have joined hands to support state and national governments in achieving food and nutrition security.

  • The overall objective of this partnership is to use advanced analytics and operations research to develop practical solutions that support long term strategic planning of procurement, storage, and movement of food grains by agencies such as the Food Corporation of India (FCI).
  • It also focuses on to create cost-effective supply chain networks for distribution of food grains under the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) at the state level.

About UNWFP:

The United Nations World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian organization committed to saving lives in emergencies and changing lives through sustainable development. In India, WFP has been working in partnership with the Government for more than 50 years to contribute to its efforts to achieve food and nutrition security. 
Headquarters– Rome, Italy
Member States– 36
Executive Director– David Muldrow Beasley

About IIT-Delhi:
Director– Valipe Ramgopal Rao