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IBPS SO V (Marketing Officer) Scale -I Interview Experience shared by Rahul Patil

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Hi friends! Our reader Rahul shared interview experience that he had during IBPS SO Marketing Officer Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days. Discus Id – Malgudi Days



IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue – Bank of Maharashtra, Staff Training College, Erandawane, Pune
Date – 16/03/16
Timing – 1:00 pm
Panel- VII – (4 men and 1 woman)

After document verification, I was waiting for my turn.But they took short break for lunch..My turn came at 2.15 pm . I entered the room..All members were senior players.Middle one asked me to take seat.And interview started with big smile..

M1 : So you are Rahul Patil , Have you had your lunch??
me : no sir , I had breakfast

M1 : Ok ..introduce yourself
me : Told everything about my native place ,education,family background,and what I was doing since 2013

M1 : Then,What is your brother doing now??
me : He is also preparing for competitive exams

M1 : What are the duties of marketing officer ?
me : Sir , marketing officer interacts with HNIs,works for satisfying the needs of customers,promotion of bank..He has to do marketing research and analysis..

M1 : Then , how you are going to do market research?
me : By segmenting the target market , by collecting information ..

M1 : That’s ok.. but how you are going to collect information ?
me : With the help of primary and secondary data,local news papers and magazines.RTI is also good source sir

M1 : Patil you are missing something you no the term ‘market size’..??while doing marketing research ,you need to define market size.You can easily get this information from websites and your collector office and don’t use RTI..If you are using it…it means you are degrading the reputation of bank
me : Got it sir (I was little bit tensed..then he allowed next member)

M2 : Why people always prefer Public Sector Banks ?
me : Because of Security,credibility,Financial awareness

M2 : OK…You are looking tensed??You can also speak in Marathi if you want..(M1 interrupted him by saying ,” no Marathi..he is gold medalist in English..let him speak in English only..)
me : no sir.. I am fine ..(now M3 took charge)

M3 : So , you had ERP as one of the subject in your graduation..Then tell me what is ERP ??
me : Sir.. it is cost efficient software tool which works on the basis of ” use of available resources to gain more outputs..”
(M3 looked satisfied and I got big relief….now Madam took charge)

M4 : So.. you were telling something about HNIs ..What it actually means ??
me : High Net worth Individuals…People having high incomes

M4 : How you are going to decide they are High income holders ??
me : On the basis of tax..If they are paying more tax it means they are HNIs
(Then M1 interrupted our discussion)

M1 : Ok Rahul..All the best
me : Thank You sir..Thank You all

My Interview lasted for 13 to 15 minutes…and it was it was my first interview, I was anxious about my Panel..I could have performed well..But it was stress interview..Nonetheless,I tried my best..My suggestion to aspirants would be – be confident,have a good and micro observation over your registered details(Bio Data),Presence of mind too matters….Now fingers crossed…..waiting for positive results


THANK YOU Rahul for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best :)