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IBPS SO V (IT Officer) Scale -I Interview Experience shared by Shubhra

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Hi Friends!
This is Shubhra as you all know me well. I am sharing my INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE with you all and it will be helpful for those having their interviews in upcoming days.

The whole interview went in Hindi, I am sharing here in English.


IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue – PNB, Bank Square, Chandigarh
Date – 16/03/16
Timing – 8.30 AM
Panel-I – (5 men and 1 woman)

The details of interview are:

Only 3 asked the questions, other 3 only observed
The interview started with introduction
M1: What have u done so far and what are you doing now?
Me: Answered

M1: What is KYC?
Me : Its Know Your Customer. While opening account, the bank requires the address n ID proofs of the individual, which helps in many things like fraud, anti money laundering. The things like PAN card, driving license, Aadhar card can be given.

M1: What is Aadhar card?
Me: Sir its card which will be given to every individual of our country which will serve as the unique id of every citizen of India.

M1 : What is the uniqueness about this card?
Me : Sir its unique number written on it.

M1: No, all the proofs have unique number like driving license, etc. what is that thing which makes Aadhar card unique from all other proofs.
Me: Sir I m not getting it right now. [the answer was the barcode on the Aadhar card which I could not remember that time, while making Aadhar card our fingerprints n eye image is taken.]

M1: Ok. Tell when u remember.

Passed over to M2.

M2: U must be having a bank account?
Me: Yes sir

M2: Then do you use ATM card?
Me: No sir, I use netbanking facility for transactions, ATM is not required.

M2: Ok, so what facilities your bank provides in netbanking?
Me: Checking the banking transactions, current balance in account, NEFT facility, bill payments.

M2 stopped me at this point and started asking

M2: Ok, so u said that it provides bill payment facility, do u do any payments?
Me: yes sir. I pay the bills, like I m having landline at home so I do its bill payment. Any other bills also, n like online forms

M2: U applied for IBPS exam, how did u do the payment?
Me: Sir online only.

M2: Ok, u did that online, n how do u get recharge ur phone?
Me: Sir, sometimes online, n other times from near by shop.

M2: U people are IT people, if u will not use online thing, then how will it work well? How will others do?
(he meant that I should do all the things online :D)
Me: Sir, yes I do online recharge only, but sometimes I do not do. I do other transactions online.

M2: Ok. What is the difference between credit n debit card?
Me: Sir in case of debit card, one can only withdraw the amount of money as is available in his account. But in case of credit card, more money can be withdrawn as the account allows. Individual accounts have their own overdraft limits.

M2: So overdraft limit is given by your own choice?
Me: No, sir. It depends. Customer can apply for the limit and provide the details which bank requires. N bank will give the limit on certain basis. And if a customer wants to extend the limit of his credit card, he can apply. N then based on any factor that bank want credit limit can be extended or disallowed.

Passed over to M3
M3: What is standing obligation?
Me: Sir, I m not getting it right now

M3: U said u work somewhere, so how ur salary is paid?
Me: Sir the owner transfers in my bank account.

M3: He must be crediting various accounts then?
Me: yes sir

M3: Is there any method that he can just give one command and payment gets clear to all accounts?
Me: Yes sir, that is ECS Electronic Clearing System.

M3: yes, what is this ECS?
Me: Sir it contains 2 things, ECS Credit scheme, n ECS debit scheme.
ECS Credit is when a single account is debited n multiple accounts are credited, like in case of salary.
N ECS debit is when one account gets credited by debiting many accounts, like in case of bills, or insurance premiums.

M3: U have read from Maharshi Dayanand University. Tell us about him, his doings?
Me: sorry sir, I do not know about this.

M3: What is RTGS?
Me: Sir its Real Time Gross Settlement. Real time means the payment from an account to another starts getting processed as soon as the request comes from a customer.

M3: Ok suppose, I want to transfer 10 lacs from Canara Bank to some other branch of Canara Bank, what will we do?
Me: sir we can do RTGS above 2 lacs, so we ll do that.
I started explaining, but he stopped.

M3: No I m saying if we want to do transfer between same banks, then also we will do RTGS?
Me: Sir yes, but I do not have idea

Ok. U can leave now. [I forgot that i had to answer the question of Aadhar card, i think they must have too.]

My interview went for 10-12 minutes. Now hoping for positive results.