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IBPS PO V Interview Experience shared by Barbie

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Hi friends! Our reader Barbie(Disqus name) shared interview experience that she had during IBPS PO V Interview. You can learn from her experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.



IBPS PO V Interview Experience

  • Disqus used id: Barbie
  • Time: 8.30 am
  • Date: 22/01/16
  • Venue: Land development bank , Patna
  • Panel Members: 5 Men and 1 women

I reached the venue at 8.20 am. The biometric and document verification started at 8.30 am..seated outside room and was  waiting for my turn (11th) 1candidate told me you are looking best over here :D. Then interviews started, I entered around 11.30 am.

ME: May I Come In sir?

M1: Yes come in, darwaja laga dijie..(Shut the door)

ME: Good Morning Mam, Good Morning Sir.(They asked me to sit down and then wished me back. Thank You)

M1: Sub kya tha aapka?(Your stream in graduation)

ME: Sir, (h)

M2: PG ni kiya aapne?(You didn’t do PG)

ME: No sir (2014 passed out)

M1: beta jldi-jaldi balance sheet k subheads batao(Two subheads of balance sheet)

ME: Told (fumbled)

M1: Current liabilities me kya-kya aayga(What will come in current liabilities)

ME: Told only 3

M1: Term liabilities kaha aayga?(Where would be term liabilites)

ME: Sir woh long term liability hai woh fixed liabilities me aayga (wrong)

M1: Current assets and fixed assets me kya kya aayga(What will come in current assets and fixed assets)

ME: Told

M2: Difference between trade and commerce?

ME: Told

M: Maine difference pucha tha, definition nahi(Asked difference not definition)

ME: I was about to explain but he passed to M2.

M1: Validity of copyright ©

Me: Told 1yr (though I know the answer, said wrong answer due to nervousness)

M2: Aap anisabad ke ho ?(You are from Anisabad)

ME: Yes sir (with smile)

M2: Anisabad name q hai iska ye phla question……..dusra question ye k ye kvi capital v hua krta tha q?(Why is it named as Anisabad is the first question and second is that ‘was it a capital once’)

ME: (Blank) sorry sir, don’t know

M3: (He was very aged) He asked something that i have never heard before. I said sorry sir….then M1 explained it….i said thank you sir. Again asked something that i have never heard before..then M1 gives me some clue but i was not sure so told doubtedly then M1 explained which i told already.

M3: Direct and indirect tax?

ME: Told

M4: Break-even point?

ME: Told

F: Govt. k kuch schemes bank me aaye hai kya hai wo ?(There are some schemes launched by govt. for banks what are those schemes)

ME: Told (jan dhan yojana, jeevan jyoti yojana, suraksha yojana)

M1: Explain them.

ME: Eplained (jeeven jyoti yojana)

M1: What are the types of commerce?

ME: E-com? (Asked)

M1: Ok, avi start up aaya hai kya hai wo ?(Recently startup prog launched what is it)

ME: Explained(1cross question told with an example)

M1: Tell some co. Name

ME: Told (flipkart) He takes another co. name. Then M1 said that’s all.

Me: Thank you sir mam

When came at the door i remembered that I forgot to say then said Have a nice day. It went about 20min. I got nervous in between also forget to smile many times. Overall it was a nice experience.

Hope for the best. Thanks!!

Thank You Barbie for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best :)