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IBPS PO V Interview Experience shared by Avijit

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Hi friends! Our reader Sourav shared interview experience that he had during IBPS PO V Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.



IBPS PO V Interview Experience

  • Name: Avijit
  • Place: Corporation Bank, Bangalore
  • Date: 22/01/2016
  • Time: 8.30
  • Degree: MCA

My turn came around 11.30 am as I was the 11th candidate out of 21 listed there. As usual there were 5 members including 1 female.

Me: May I come in?

All: Yes please come in Mr. Avijit.

Me: Good morning mam, good morning Sirs.

M3: Wish a very good morning. Please be seated.

Me: Thank you very much.

M3: So you are from Kolkata, what are you doing here?

Me: Sir I’m working in an MNC.

M4: Why do you want to leave your job?

Me: Sir I always wanted to join bank because it will give me pleasure by serving my fellow countrymen rather than using my skills for a foreign company.

M2: But you will be posted in a rural area for sure, how will you manage in rural area and if you stay in your current company, you will go abroad may be America one day, won’t you regret?

Me: I tried to justify with my own logic, they seemed to be satisfied.

M3: Do you know the differences between debit card and credit card?

Me: Answered perfectly. Some cross questions on this.

M3: How do you withdraw money?

Me: Sir I use ATM card for that.

M3: That is a debit card or credit card?

Me: Debit card sir.

M3: Well, have you ever tried to transfer money? How do you do that?

Me: Sir I use NEFT normally, but in case of emergency I use IMPS.

M3: Tell me the full form of IMPS.

Me: Immediate payment service.

M4: Do banks charge you for this if someone is sending money to you?

Me: No sir.

M5: Tell me the difference between private sector banks and public sector banks?

Me: Told. (Some cross questions on this topic. I could not answer one question and for that I told them politely that I didn’t know.)

M3: So that’s enough Mr. Avijit. You may leave now.

Me: Thank you, I wish you all have a very nice day.

All: Same to you.

So that’s it. It went about 4-5 mins. That female interviewer didn’t ask a single question and she smiled all the time. Everyone was cordial. Please tell me how much marks should I expect in interview??

All the best to everyone.. :)

And many many thanks to Affairscloud team.

THANK YOU Avijit for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best :)