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IBPS PO Interview Experience shared by Sourav Suman

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Hi friends!!!

Our reader Sourav shared interview experience that he had during IBPSPO Interview Experience. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


Last member……. Good evening madam good evening sir

Panel Members: Sit down

M1: What is fullform of IBPS
Me: Indian banking personnel selection

M1: 1st question basic question wrong answer…. Aren’t you ashamed
Me: Silent(showing no sign of guilt or stress)

M1: What is your 1st preference bank
Me: Canara bank sir

M1: 2nd
Me: Allahbad Bank sir

M1: what do you think preference bank is. Why you selected all the banks. Is it some kind of joke.
(showing no sign of stress)
Me: Sir we have to select all the banks sir. Last 6 banks have sir no recruitment this year so they are last. We have to select all sir.
(seems satisfied)  Oho

M1: What is popular in Dhenkanal
Me: Sir Kapilash temple and bara

M1: what is the name of god in Kapilash twmple.
Me: Sir i dont know(its shiva but there is a specific name)

M2: Who is Odisha health ministerIBPS PO V Interview Experience
Me: Dont know

M2: Who is union health minister
Me: Sir i dont know

M2: Who is chief justice of india
Me: Sir i dont know

M3: what is DRT
Me: Sir when NPA amounts more than 10lakh it is used as a npa recovery tool

M3: so wht committee suggested DRT
Me: Sir i dont remember sir

M3: Ok sourav u can go now.

All the best for your Result !!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU Sourav for sharing your Interview Experience with us