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IBPS PO Interview Experience shared by Astha Shukla

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Hi friends!!!

Our reader Astha shared interview experience that she had during IBPSPO Interview Experience. You can learn from her experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


Hello all , Today I am going to post my interview Experience .Last year I got 70 in interview (People told me It’s highest in PO Interview without any source) , Yet I missed in the final allotment list only by 0.7 . Because I Got 88 in mains exam.

Anyways, I again gave it and here is my interview experience on 6th feb, The Grand JBR hotel  Lucknow .
So here It goes :As you all know , There are 5 members in a panel. 4 males and 1 female.

M1: (in the middle , the main interviewer I guess) : You have good marks throughout , But why less in 10th
Me : Answered

M1 : What is the meaning of Akhilesh?
Me : Sir It means “lord of the universe ” .

M1: Meaning of “Suman” ?
Me : Sir it means ” Flower”

M1: Hmmm…Sundar Man then Why You left this company ? It’s a good company aur apko yhaa ek achi life milti
Me : Explained..not interested in Private jobs etc etc etc I told

F: Now it was ma’am turn..She started saying again
So , You enjoyed Working there but why you left this company (She was like , How dare you to left this reputed company , Hahaaa) and any previous interview If you are interested for this Post only ..
Me :Answered Again That I was not meeting the ‘ age eligibilty criteria –21’ when I completed my graduation , So I could not fill. Last year ,I gave my First attempt ,and reached to interview stage , But missed in the final List by 0.7…

M1 and F : Ohh…. 0.7
Me: hmmmm

F : Suppose A farmer Comes with bla bla and bla Conditions….how would you help him
Me : I’ll tell him about schemes available and etc etc I toldRRB Office Assistant Interview Experience

F : Get exactly what I am asking dear
Me : Answered whatever I could

F : Yes , That I was Asking(She was satisfied )
Now M1 bombarded questions from my birth city

M1 : Why this place in your city is called so and so
Me: Sorry Sir , I do not know the exact Answer

M1 :  Why this (Another one) place in your city is called so and so
Me : Answered watever I knew n yooo It was correct :)

M1: Asked about my father … why Dont you join your father’s business
Me : Sir , B’coz I want to make my own identity

M1 : (Impressed very much :)) Your answers are very good :)

M3: What is Lead bank ?
Me :Answered very well

M4 : Okk…have you done your swot analysis…tell me your Strengths and weakness in HINDI
Me : In this question, I did blunder…I started in English and again switched to English :(
M4 Interrupted , “Hindi”

OK, Then I continued in Hindi and finished the answer.

M2 : Aur Astha , Apki Astha Kisme hai :)
Me : Answered

All the best for your Result !!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU Astha Shukla for sharing your Interview Experience with us