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IBPS PO Interview Experience shared by Anchit

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Hi friends!!!

Our reader Anchit shared interview experience that she had during IBPS PO Interview Experience. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


Good day to everyone. I am sharing my interview experience with everybody out here. (P.S: You might not encounter the same questions but BE PREPARED to face any question).

Venue:  Tagore Public School, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur (Nodal Bank – BoB).
Reporting time: 1 PM
Panel no. 4.
Document Verification started at 3:40 PM, and since I was the last candidate in my panel, my interview started at 5:00 PM.

There were four male members and a female member of my panel.M1 did not utter a single word during the entire interview.RRB Interview Expirence

M2: What is the meaning Anchit (my name)?
Me: It means honoured and blessed. (He smiled)

M3: Then what is the meaning of Ankit?
Me: I don’t know, sir.

M3: (looks at my application form) You are from which place?
Me: Sir, I belong to Jaipur.

M3: So you have done BE in which subject and from where?
Me: I did BE in Civil Engineering in 2013 from Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

M3: What can you do as a Civil Engineering in the bank?
Me: The banks are consistently involved in construction and maintenance of their buildings for which they require a Civil Engr.

F1: For that, there is specialist cadre. This recruitment is for PO.
Me: That is true Mam, but if an individual or a company approaches the bank for a loan, then I can do valuation of the properties or check the viability of the project for which the company is seeking the loan for.(She started smiling)

M3: (Smiling) Chalo maan lete h.(He looked at my form again and moved towards my work experience column) What did you do in your previous job?
Me: I was working as an Engineer in <XYZ>, and we had college students for training, and I also worked on some small engineering projects.

M3: Why did you leave the job and shift to banking?
Me: Sir, the salary was very less, and there was no growth in my job.

M3: So, you left in Jul 2016. Then, what did you do after that?
Me: Sir, I started preparing for banking exams.

M2: You could have prepared during your job also.
Me:  I could have, but I needed more time for preparation that’s why I left the job to completely focus on my studies.

M2: Did you watch the budget on TV?
Me: No sir. I only read about it in the newspapers.

M2: If you are interested in banking, then you should have watched. What is different about this budget?
Me: Sir, this year the budget was presented on 1st Feb instead of Feb end. Also, the railway budget was merged with the Financial budget.

M2: Why was it presented earlier than before?
Me: Sir, because earlier, it used to take time to implement the budget, usually the implementation exceeded beyond 1st of April. That’s why the govt presented it earlier.

M2: Why was the budget implementation delayed?
Me: Sir, after the budget presentation, the benefits and the funds allocated has to be transferred to various ministries and departments, and then they transfer the benefits to the society. All this process takes time, so they presented it earlier to get it implemented on time.

M4: You have been asked a lot about general things. Let me ask something from banking. Name the 4 Dy. Governors of RBI.
Me: Sir, Viral Acharya, R.Gandhi
(Then I paused for few seconds, I don’t know what happened. Suddenly I recalled reading a presentation on NPA which was prepared by SS Mundra)
Sir, third is SS Mundra.
(I started recalling the fourth name but even after 10 seconds I couldn’t recall the fourth name. Swaminathan was striking my head every time in those 10 seconds, but deep down I felt this is not the right name so I gave up)
Sorry sir, I cannot recall the last name.

M4: Chalo koi nai.

F1: Name 3 women CMDs in the banking sector.
Me: Mam, Ms Usha Ananthasubramaniam of PNB. Ms Shikha Sharma of Axis Bank. Ms Chandra Kocchar of ICICI bank. Likewise. Ms Arundhati Bhattacharya of SBI.

F1: Very good (and then they were pretty much impressed with my banking knowledge. They might have thought that he is an engineer and will not be knowing anything in banking sector)

M4: What is the importance of Geotechnical Engg?(one of my graduation subjects)
Me: Answered

M4: Have you studied Hydraulics and Irrigation engg (graduation subjects)?
Me: Yes sir.

M4: What is Hydraulic and Irrigation engg?
Me: Answered.(M4 and F1 both were nodding their head and were quite happy with my answers)

M3: Ok, you can go now.
Me: Thank….. (then M2 interrupted me)

M2: Wait! Sit down I want to ask one question. What are the different ways of transferring money? I mean, how can you send money to another person’s bank account.
Me: The traditional way is to visit the branch and deposit the cash. At the branch itself, there are POS machines through which we can send money by just swiping our debit/credit card. We can also use NEFT and RTGS at the branch.  From mobile and Internet banking, we can use NEFT, RTGS and IMPS where IMPS is for immediate transfers and is a 24×7 service. Recently another way of transferring funds is via UPI and BHIM app. Apart from these, there is the card to card transfer. (M3 gives a weird look)

M3: ye card to card kya hota h?
Me: Sir, I have seen in SBI ATMs, there is an option of a card to card transfer. Also, there is an option of Visa card transfer where if the sender and receiver have Visa cards then they can transfer via Visa card transfer service also.

M2: Have you visited any bank branch? What type of information is displayed in a bank branch?
Me: Sir, there are various offers and schemes of the bank displayed in a bank branch. Apart from that, the interest rates of various types of deposits like RD and FD are also mentioned. There is also forex displayed.

F1: “Forex??”
Me: Mam, I meant foreign exchange currency rates.

M2: Rates??
Me: Sir, rates as in the different currency exchange factors like USD to INR or GBP to INR sort of things.

M2: Didn’t you notice one or two rates on that board?
Me: No sir.

M2: Jab itna sab kuch dekh liya tha to rates b dekh lete.
M3: OK, thank you.

Me: Thank you very much, sir. Thank you very much, mam.

As soon as I came out of the room, all he candidates vanished from the hall, and I was all alone there. However, I was very happy with my performance in the interview.

(Though I have written the majority of the questions and answers in English, 70% of the questions were asked in Hindi. It is my advice to everyone that while waiting, you should always keep talking to other candidates and enjoy that moment with them and share some joyous moments. This always releases the tension and it helps in your interview.)

All the best for your Result !!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU for sharing your Interview Experience with us