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Gopalan Aerospace signs Joint Venture with Slovakian Firms to Develop Precision Drones

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Gopalan Aerospace signs joint venture with Slovakian firm to develop precision dronesGopalan Aerospace India Pvt Ltd signed a joint venture (JV) with Slovakia-based Magic Trading Corporation, Inc. (MTC), a self-regulatory organization (S.R.O), and DEFSYSTECH S.R.O for the development of precision drones in India.

  • The JV was signed by C Prabhakar, Director, Gopalan Aerospace and Peter Ostromecky, President of DEFSYSTECH S.R.O at Aero India 2023, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Key Highlights:

i. Under the collaboration, the Slovakian companies will work closely to explore opportunities to develop drone-based service applications in the Indian Defence Sector.

ii. According to Gopalan Aerospace, the high-precision weapon system AX-2 predator is an attack system of Beyond-Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) guidance type, based on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platform.

AX2 Predator:

i. The AX2 Predator is a lightweight, easy-to-transport weapon system that is frequently referred to as a loitering munition.

ii. The system’s primary goal is to search, identify, and destroy high-value targets (HVT) using direct hits while destroying its own platform.

iii. It is predetermined for tactical-level command of mechanised infantry, reconnaissance units, or direct fire support units in asymmetrical, symmetrical, or local wars, as well as for international peacekeeping missions.

iv. The target is terminated by using a purpose-built high explosive warhead which reduces collateral damage.

Technical Characteristics of AX2 Predator:

  • Operational Range – Up to 120KM
  • Cruise Speed/VNE – 320/420
  • Flight Endurance – Up to 30 minutes
  • UAV Weight MTOW – 30 KG
  • Warhead Weight – 3 KG
  • Maximum Permissible Overload – 6 G
  • Wing Span – 2.2 Meters
  • Length – 2 Meters
  • Control Modes – Semi-automatic and Automat
  • Operational Temperatures – 40° C – + 50° C
  • Operational Altitude – Up to 6000 Meters
  • Fuel – A1 (kerosene-type fuel)

Gopalan Aerospace Ties Up With Omnipol Group of Czech Republic For Passive Radars

Gopalan Aerospace signed a joint venture with Omnipol Group, a partner of the Czech government institution and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the field of defence and security, to integrate Passive Radars for the Indian Defense Industry in border regions.

  • The agreement was signed by C Prabhakar and Podpera Jiri, President of Omnipol Group.

Key Highlights:

According to Gopalan Aerospace, the Passive Surveillance ESM Tracker (PET) VERA-NG is the most advanced system using the multilateration Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) principle.

  • The system is developed in India under the Make In India Policy of the government.
  • It is the 1st passive radar developed and manufactured in India under a JV with Omnipol Group.

VERA-NG Passive Surveillance System:

i. The Passive long-range reconnaissance and monitoring systems are designed for the detection, localisation, tracking and identification of air, ground and naval targets as well as exceptional pulse and continuous wave signal analysis.

ii. VERA-NG supports cross-border, long-term and long-range surveillance without alerting neighbouring nations.

iii. It is “invisible” because it emits zero electromagnetic energy, which allows it to see without being seen.

iv. It also provides strategic ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) data to collect, process, and evaluate the ESM (experience sampling method) data for reference databases.

System Parameters:

  • Frequency range- 50 MHz – 18 GHz
  • Instantaneous bandwidth- 1,000 MHz
  • Range- up to 400 km
  • Instantaneous Field of View- 120º (Surveillance field of view 360º)
  • Azimuth accuracy- 0.01º
  • Tracking capability- 2D/3D
  • Tracking capacity- 500 real-time tracks Radar, SIF/IFF, ADS-B, DME/TACAN
  • Processed signals (emitters), AIS, Data Links, Continuous Wave signals.

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About Gopalan Aerospace India Pvt Ltd:
Gopalan Aerospace, a part of Gopalan Group, is a fast-paced, innovative ISO 9001/AS 9100 Rev D 2015 certified, Aerospace components and composites design, development, and manufacturing company.
Gopalan Group CMD– C. Gopalan
Headquarters- Bengaluru, Karnataka