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Google partners with SpaceX to provide Starlink Internet Service

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Google partners with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to provide Starlink internet serviceGoogle Cloud is set to partner with SpaceX to provide Cloud services to help deliver high speed internet through SpaceX’s Starlink satellites.

  • As part of the partnership, SpaceX will install Starlink terminals (ground stations) at Google data centres across the world.
  • The Starlink Terminals will help in delivering high-speed broadband internet through Google Cloud.
  • The service will be available to enterprise customers before the end of 2021.

Key Points

i.The Starlink-Google partnership also involves delivery of data, cloud services, and applications  to remote areas of the world.

  • SpaceX will install the 1st Starlink terminal at Google’s New Albany, Ohio, USA.
  • In 2020, Microsoft had secured a deal from SpaceX to connect its Azure Cloud computing platform to Starlink.

ii.The partnership is seen as a step  by Google to increase its share in the global cloud-computing market, which is dominated by Amazon & Microsoft.

SpaceX’s  Starlink

  • It is an initiative by SpaceX to provide Satellite Internet access.
  • It removes the necessity of the need for cell towers, customers’ devices will communicate to satellites, which will link up to Google data centers.

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