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Google most influential brand in India, Flipkart at seventh slot

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India’s maiden Most Influential Brand Study puts Search giant Google ranks on the top of the new list of ten most influential brands in the country, the study carried out by research firm Paris based Ipsos.

  • The list is followed by Facebook, Gmail, Microsoft and Samsung in the top five, all of which are foreign brands.Google is shutting down Google Compare
  • On the India’s top 10 most influential brands, Bansal founded E- commerce major Flipkart is ranked at seventh spot.
  • The other two Indian brands on the list Country’s largest lender SBI and Airtel- are ninth and tenth spots respectively.

Brands Role:

  • Major Brands play vital role more than just corporate companies. Brands have meaning, personality, even attitude.

India’s top 10 most influential brands

Company Country Rank Influence Index
Google USA 1 214
Facebook USA 2 200
Gmail USA 3 192
Microsoft USA 4 177
Samsung South Korea 5 175
Whatsapp USA 6 174
Flipkart India 7 160
Amazon USA 8 154
SBI India 9 152
Airtel India 10 144

The Study:

  • The study made on a factor analysis was steered using the 57 statements in the questionnaire and a total of six factors were revealed from this analysis.
  • The Study estimates over 100 brands across 21 countries including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, the US and UK and involved 36,600 interviews.
  • In the India the study was conducted for the first time, we canvassed the country to ask more than 1,000 Indians online to assess more than 100 brands