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Forbes releases the list America’s top wealth Advisors with 4 Indian based Americans ensures their hot spots

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Forbes comes up with a list of America’s top wealth advisors with 200 members altogether manage USD 675 billion with four Indian-origin persons as a part of the list.

When it comes to services, there are almost as many different approaches as advisors. Some wealth managers provide a do-it-all concierge service, handling everything from estate planning and taxes to paying bills. Others focus more on investments and getting clients into exclusive opportunities like top-performing hedge funds or pre-IPO startups.Forbes

  • Depending on these factors, Forbes has released the list to top 200 wealth advisors of American enterprises.
  • The top three spots were secured by the following wealth managers of the respective companies,

It is noted that Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and UBS secured multiple advisors in the top 20 spots, led by Greenwich,

1 – Conn.-based Jeff Erdmann of Merrill 
2 – Manhattan-based Morgan Stanley’s Brian Pfeifler
3 – UBS’ Christopher Errico.

It is noted that the list also includes advisors like

  • Ric Edelman, managing $15.5 billion in Fairfax,
  • Va., Rod Westmoreland, who handles $3.8 billion out of Atlanta,
  • Ga., and Charles Zhang, whose $3.4 billion business in Portage,
  • Mich. manages the wealth of executives at Midwestern corporations including Kellogg  and Stryker.

Indian Touch:-

Creating a milestone in managing huge assests, Indian managers spot their top spots with big companies as follows,

  • Raj Sharma – Merrill Lynch’s Private Banking & Investment Group-17th position
  • Ash Chopra – Merrill Lynch’s Private Banking & Investment Group- 129th position,
  • Sonny Kothari – Merrill Lynch Wealth Management – 176th position
  • Raju Pathak – Morgan Stanley Wealth Management- 184th