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English Questions for IBPS PO Exam Set- 50

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Quiz in Here we are creating Best question samples from FILL IN THE BLANK which is based on IBPS PO MAINS PATTERN. !!!


  1. Coming back to my own experience, my initial reaction to being locked out was – good__________! I have always been___________about Facebook.
    A. hold, hesitant
    B. riddance, ambivalent
    C. retention, settled
    D. liberation, unequivocal
    E. None of these
    B. riddance, ambivalent
    riddance – elimination,छुटकारा
    ambivalent – uncertain,अनिश्चित

  2. The__________ was that I’d stayed away from Facebook for the longest time to avoid__________ such a scenario.
    A. incongruity, inexactly
    B. consideration, skillfully
    C. irony, precisely
    D. deference, imprecisely
    E. None of these
    C. irony, precisely
    irony – satire,विडम्बना
    precisely – clearly,स्पष्ठ रूप से

  3. The technical__________of my already___________ privacy doesn’t count.
    A. forfeiture, vandalised
    B. repayment, salvage
    C. giving up, preservation
    D. retribution, destroy
    E. None of these
    A. forfeiture,vandalised
    forfeiture -penalty,lost,त्याग,जब्ती
    vandalised – destroy,नष्ट

  4. The way to get out of this__________of rolling crises, as he termed it, would lie in_________global action.
    A. indulgence, composed
    B. government, unworried
    C. management, soothed
    D. regime, concerted
    E. None of these
    D. regime,concerted
    regime – rule,शाशन
    concerted – joint,सम्मिलित

  5. He has spent the last seven years alternating between_________Pakistan’s leaders with economic and military_________and delivering tough messages.
    A. blandish, hindrance
    B. persuade,  hurt
    C. coaxing, assistance
    D. hateful, collaboration
    E. None of these
    C. coaxing, assistance
    coaxing – flattery,खुशामद

  6. The recent_________in Taliban activity, manifested most_________during the occupation of the Afghan city of Kunduz, is attributed by U.S. and Afghan officials to Pakistani support.
    A. surge, blatantly
    B. gush, deliberate
    C. downward,  quit
    D. growth,  concealed
    E. None of these
    A. surge, blatantly
    surge – (rise rapidly,तेज़ी से बढ़ना
    blatantly – openly,खुल्लमखुल्ला

  7. It has to be__________asserted that the developed world has__________on all its climate change commitments and needs to do better.
    A. dishonestly, infringe
    B. candid,  agree
    C. forthrightly, reneged
    D. secretly, obey
    E. None of these
    C. forthrightly,reneged
    forthrightly – directly,स्पष्ट
    reneged – avoid,refuse,टालना,इंकार

  8. it will have to show integrity and sensitivity to African concerns, lest it earn the__________that_________exploitative Chinese investments attract.
    A. adulation, secret
    B.  Loathe, critical
    C. praise , quit
    D. opprobrium, blatantly
    E. None of these
    D. opprobrium, blatantly
    opprobrium – infamy,कलंक
    blatantly – openly,खुल्लमखुल्ला

  9. The former, for Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi_________India’s enduring links with Africa through their uncompromising support for the continent’s decolonisation process and struggle against__________.
    A. forged, Apartheid
    B. destroy, tolerance
    C. yield, discrimination
    D. decorate, partiality
    E. None of these
    A. forged, Apartheid
    forged – make,बनाना
    Apartheid -a policy where favoritism with black people,रंगभेद निति
    enduring – long,permanent,चिरस्थायी

  10. Al-Qaeda offshoots, some of whom have_________ towards the Islamic State, have been________.
    A. persuade, supply
    B. gravitated, invigorated
    C. detest, bushed
    D. dis like, render
    E. None of these
    B.  gravitated,  invigorated
    invigorated – inspire,strengthen,पुष्ट करना