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English Questions: Fill in the Blanks Set – 12

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in Fill in the Blanks, which is common for all the IBPS/SBI/RRB/SSC CGL/LIC/LDC exam and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!


  1. Two political scions who _____________ as young Members of Parliament ________ a decade ago are now ministers with key infrastructure portfolios like telecom, shipping and corporate affairs.
    A. Began, around
    B. Took, hardly
    C. Opened, merely
    D. Launched, scarcely
    E. Debuted, nearly
    E. Debuted, nearly

  2. Tarun Tajpal publicly shouted from the rooftop against sexual harassment and privately ____________ in morally suspect behavior ____________ the same roof.
    A. Cater, below
    B. Indulged, under
    C. Entertain, in
    D. Oblige, beneath
    E. Gratify, at
    B. Indulged, under

  3. The Ghaziabad court may have given the _______________ in the Aarushi Talwar case, but a lot many loose ends still remain.
    A. conclusion
    B. sentence
    C. decree
    D. verdict
    E. award
    D. verdict

  4. There comes a moment in the life of a nation when the usurper rises from the __________ of disenchantment and _____________ the comforting ____________ of the time.
    A. Recesses, shatters, certainties
    B. Nook, crush, store
    C. Interval, impair, lock
    D. Intermission, smash, stock
    E. Nook, crush, store
    A. Recesses, shatters, certainties

  5. Set against the Congress’s _____________ headquarters and _____________ state branches, BJP has the advantage of a galvanizing general at the top and able warriors in the provinces.
    A. Subsidized, battered
    B. Reduced, shaky
    C. Diminished, dilapidated
    D. Slackened, damaged
    E. Declined, shabby
    C. Diminished, dilapidated

  6. To give the defence sector the desired______________ currently the focus seems to be one____________ of technology and joint manufacture.
    A. assault, entrance
    B. thrust, institution
    C. push, induction
    D. drive, inauguration
    E. energy, initiation
    C. push, induction

  7. I can __________ my daily protein needs______________ chicken peals alone.
    A. Meet, through
    B. Take, in
    C. Eat, with
    D. Require, from
    E. Have, by
    A. Meet, through

  8. Sikkim was ____________ seriously by the September 2011 earthquake, which measured 6.9 on the Richter ____________.
    A. Haunted, calibration
    B. Damaged, meter
    C. Effected, range
    D. Affected, scale
    E. Blemished, system
    D. Affected, scale

  9. India has a vibrant publishing scene, thanks to not only the big publishers but also a lot of quality _____________ little publishing houses that ___________ it going.
    A. Conscious, keep
    B. Cognisant, enjoy
    C. Mindful, retain
    D. Apprised, retain
    E. Responsive, put
    B. Conscious, keep

  10. The proposed Environmental Laws Bill ________ substantial damage as an act of violation, omission or negligence by which the community at ________ is affected due to pollution damage to land, air or water.
    A. Revokes, all
    B. Includes, least
    C. Inserts, large
    D. Excludes, par
    E. Empowers, best
    C. Inserts, large