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English Questions – Spotting Error Set 101

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in Spotting Errors, which is BASED ON IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams.

Directions: In the questions below, some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and mark that as your answer. If a sentence is free from error, choose the “No Error” option.

  1. 1.The industry is now a highly
    2.specialized one and comprises of
    3.a large number of operations
    4.performed by separate hands.
    5.No error
    Answer – 2.specialized one and comprises of
    Explanation :
    ‘Comprise’ does not use preposition ‘of’. It should either be ‘comprises’ or ‘consists of’

  2. 1.To compete with such players, India Post will
    2.have to keep an extremely tight rein on its
    3.costs and leverage on technology deliver last-mile services. error
    Answer – 3.costs and leverage on technology
    Explanation :
    Use of preposition ‘on’ is redundant, it should be ‘leverage technology’. Leverage (verb) – use something to maximum advantage.

  3. 1.It is high time, therefore that both
    2.the State governments and realty players realise
    3.that this sector needs to make a tectonic
    4.shift in its way of doing business. error
    Answer – 2.the State governments and realty players realise
    Explanation :
    As a rule, it should be learnt that the phrases ‘It is time’ and ‘It is high time’ always use second form of the verb. So the sentence should be ‘It is high time that ……………………….realised‘.

  4. 1.Since the advent of cab service metropolitan cities, travelling
    3.intra city became very pleasant
    4.and hassle-free for the residents
    5.No error
    Answer – 3.intra city became very pleasant
    Explanation :
    The correct phrase is ‘travelling intra city has become very pleasant’. As the word ‘since’ has been used, it shows that there was a definite starting point in the past and the the effects are still continuing . So we use the present perfect tense.

  5. 1.During a friendly chat, Himesh
    2.mentioned that he would like to travel Europe next month
    4.preferably the NORDIC countries. error
    Answer – Europe next month
    Explanation :
    Use of preposition ‘in’ is incorrect. One travels ‘to’ places. Hence, it should be ‘travel to Europe’

  6. 1.Due to siff resistance from the opposition,
    2.winter session of Parliament was completely
    3.washed out resulting in pendency of
    4.a lot of draft bills beside ladmark GST bill. error
    Answer – 4.a lot of draft bills beside ladmark GST bill.
    Explanation :
    ‘Beside’ – by the side of. Ram sat beside shyam in the class. ‘Besides’ – ‘in addition to’ or ‘apart from’. Hence replace beside with besides.

  7. 1.Since road traffic accounts for 60 per cent
    2.of freight traffic in India, the slow
    3.movement of trucks across states
    4.lead to productivity loss. error
    Answer – 4.lead to productivity loss.
    Explanation :
    Main subject here is ‘slow movement’, which is singular, hence the verb should be ‘leads’ not lead. Prepositional phrase (phrase containing preposition) can never have the main subject of a sentence. In this question the prepositional phrases are ‘of trucks’ and ‘across states’, trucks and states cannot be our main subject.

  8. 1.The constitutional view of reservation requires
    2.evidence of backwardness, but
    3.any caste can get reservation
    4.if it can bend the state to its will error
    Answer – error

  9. 1.The Supreme Court issued notice on
    2.ousted police chief T.P. Senkumar
    3.for his alleged involvement in
    4.bribing the official of Election Commission. error
    Answer – 1.The Supreme Court issued notice on
    Explanation :
    Replace ‘on’ with ‘to’. ‘Supreme Court issued notice to’

  10. 1.A separate review petition has
    2.also been filed by the State
    3.challenging the Supreme Court judgment the decade old Babri Masjid case error
    Answer – error