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English Questions: Spelling Correction – 11

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Hello Aspirants !
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are Starting new quizzes based on the some difficult words from Editorials, which is BASED ON Bank EXAMS!!!

Directions – Choose the word wrongly spelt.

  1. The history of the ‘hero’ as a category of description in popular imagination is surprisingly fragile and also complex. It is fragile because a hero is born of a marriage of circumstance and wilful action, and is midwived into this world by a fleeting rearrangement of what is considered possible.
    1. circumstance
    2. fragile
    3. description
    4. wilful
    5. All are correct
    Answer –4. wilful
    All are correct

  2. A study in Science of termites in a Bornean forest showed their activity and abundance increased during a drought. This resulted in quicker litter decomposition, more soil moisture and heterogenety of soil nutrients and higher seedling survival rates.
    1. decomposition
    2. heterogenety
    3. termites
    4. seedling
    5. All are correct
    Answer –2. heterogenety
    Correct spelling is heterogeneity

  3. Tackling malnutrition is not a one-time affair. It requires a lifecycle approach that addresses a gamut of issues- undernutrition among girls, child marriage,discrimination in households. It requires multisectoral and convergent interventions.
    1. gamut
    2. addresses
    3. malnutrition
    4. convergent
    5. All are correct
    Answer –5. All are correct
    All are correct

  4. A new exhibition at a freshly refurbished baracks in the Red Fort features a cross-section of art from the past three centuries showing the Bengal’s famine to sketches of Ellora.
    1. refurbished
    2. famine
    3. exhibition
    4. baracks
    5. All are correct
    Answer –4. baracks
    Correct spelling is barracks

  5. Psephology is a branch of political science devoted to to the study of elections and voting patterns. In India, given complexeties such as caste dynamics, religious formations, pressing local issues, a huge population, shifting party alliances and other factors make for engrossing subject.
    1. dynamics
    2. complexeties
    3. psephology
    4. engrossing
    5. All are correct
    Answer –2. complexeties
    Correct spelling is complexities

  6. Simultaneous elections used to be held in India until 1967. The practice was disrupted when some state assembilies were dissolved prematurely.while supporters of the idea say that it reduces expenditure and saves time, opponents argue that it’s against democratic ethos.
    1. prematurely
    2. assembilies
    3. ethos
    4. simultaneous
    5. All are correct
    Answer –2. assembilies
    Correct spelling is assemblies

  7. Despite massive campaign spending in India, there is barely any public scrutiny of such spending because of the opaque nature of the transactions.the electoral bonds scheme amplifies such opacity undermining the political system.
    1. amplifies
    2. transactions
    3. opaque
    4. campaign
    5. All are correct
    Answer –5. All are correct
    All are correct

  8. What seems indespensable to one nation for a good sleep, another considers the surest means of driving away repose. Europeans require, as a rule, a soft pillow, while the Jap stretches himself on his mat. To the Chinaman, bed is adorned with precious carvings but it never occurs to him that anything could be more comfortable than pleated mats.
    1. repose
    2. indespensable
    3. pleated
    4. stretches
    5. All are correct
    Answer –2. indespensable
    Correct spelling is indispensable

  9. People have long tried to make a membrane that allows only water to perrmeate. An article in science describes how scientists made capillaries by removing one atomic plane from crystals.
    1. capillaries
    2. perrmeate
    3. membrane
    4. scientists
    5. All are correct
    Answer –2. perrmeate
    Correct spelling is permeate

  10. Perhaps the largest mother and child nutrition care programme in the world, the Integrated Child Development services(ICDS) is meant to cover six services: supplementery nutrition, early education, immunisation, health check-ups and referral services,
    1. immunisation
    2. referral
    3. integrated
    4. supplementery
    5. All are correct
    Answer –4. supplementery
    Correct spelling is supplementary